Some Kids Hold A French-Fry Eating Battle To Relieve Stress

Potato parties, which started in Japan and spread to South Korea, are definitely a thing. Groups of young people order large amounts of french fries and eat them. And, bam, you have a potato party! Kids in China just turned these parties into a game. A player versus player, potato-eating battle, if you will.

Earlier this month, Zhao Yong (a pseudonym!) uploaded some photos to a Chinese social networking site. The photos depicted five trays worth of french fries for five french-fry challengers.

Zhao and his five friends apparently purchased 50 bags of fries from, what looks like Kentucky Fried Chicken in Wenzhou (you can tell it's KFC by the packaging and the fact that they are drinking Pepsi). The goal was to see which of the five could finish their fries.

"We didn't spend that much money," said Zhao. "The point was relieve stress and pressure."

Online in China, there's been speculation about how much all the fries cost. It's unclear if they ordered medium or large fries. If they ordered medium, then the 50 bags cost the equivalent of $US64. If they ordered large, then they cost around $US72. That's way less than the $US250 spent at a recent potato party in South Korea.

One of the five fry eaters, Zhang Fan (likewise, pseudonym) said they saw photos of potato parties online and decided to have one themselves, adding a game element.

"We've looked into other challenges these days, in our lives when we don't have control we can change our attitudes by trying something different," said another one of the five.

Yang Jianhua, a research director at the Zhejiang Academy of Social Science says that this type of make shift recreation is good for young people. "It's a harmless activity," says Yang. "These youth have found a way to get together and have fun."

But, surely, with this fry battle even making the TV news in China, these fast food combatants are ready for their next potato battle? "I don't think I'll have any more French fries in 2013," said Dong Cheng (pseudonym), one of the five, with a sigh. He's young. Give him a few days.

温州薯条达人大PK 网友赞叹很强悍 [CJXTV] 80后创缓压薯条达人PK赛 专家称创意活动有益解压 [中国新闻网]

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

Picture: Elnur/Shutterstock


    6 kids. 50 little cardboard boxes of chips. That's... 7ish per kid.
    Goddamn, that's grotesque. Someone calculate how many kilos you could expect to put on after eating that much in one sitting.

    Don't worry, I'll wait.

    If this happend in Australia then the government and do gooder parent groups would be up in arms, followed by every chip coming with a warning label about the dangers of everything that isnt a bloody carrot or lettuce leaf.
    Sorry for the rant, im just tired of people and organisations trying to guilt me into changing my diet. Im not overweight and spending my life trying to tack on a bonus decade of living doesnt appeal to me. Now, time to get me some tasty chips, yum yum.

      you are a tard, clearly in denial.... a decade of not being dead doesnt appeal? how about being fit? being able? looking good?

        dude, theres a difference between eating a few potato chips and gauging yourself to death. tons of people have good but not "perfect" diets- a standard dictated by nutritionism that changes its rules every few years- and live to be 90+, my grandparents for example
        there are also tons of people who may not look like angelina jolie or be physically able due to circumstances unrelated to diet. don't be so goddamn judgemental and let people determine the value of their own lives

        Im not overweight, fitness is average, but not too bad, and i have little interest in spending the next 30-40 years worried about if ill make it past 75. Call it denial if you want, i call it freedom.

    Sounds like fun, where can I sign up?

    There's a reason Guinness stopped acknowledging gluttony competitions, but IMHO this looks like harmless fun. How many times have you been starving-hungry, had some hot chips and thought "Sweet mana of the gods I could eat a bucket of these!"

    Potato-party me up!

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