This Is Obviously A Heavily Modded PC Version Skyrim Statue

Now available for preorder from the fine folks at Gaming Heads, this $US299.99 statue of Skyrim's champion would not be possible without the PC modding community. You just don't get this sort of visual fidelity with today's game consoles.

Now I'm not saying a great statue couldn't have been based on the unmodded PC or console versions of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They're perfectly capable of conveying enough visual data to allow artist Alejandro Pereira to craft a reasonably accurate facsimile of Bethesda's ideal Dovahkiin. He'd still be 40cm tall, cast from high-quality polystone and dressed in the finest tiny fabrics tailored by what I can only imagine are ridiculously small fashion design students. He'd still be limited to 1000 pieces for the standard version or 500 pieces for the $US329.99 exclusive version with light-up fireball. He'd still ship in Q4 of 2013.

It just wouldn't be anywhere near as smooth and well-defined.

Now that I think about it, I'd pay extra for a special edition jaggy Dovahkiin. Missed opportunity, Gaming Heads.


    What? Huh? umm? SOoooo is the author saying what I think he is saying? That the Artist could not have made this finely crafted statue without using a high poly count model created by the Skyrim modding community as reference.

    "It just wouldn’t be anywhere near as smooth and well-defined."
    "Skyrim‘s champion would not be possible without the PC modding community."

    I'm guessing that Alejandro Pereira being a sculptor is skilled enough in knowledge of anatomy and sculpting to craft a statue without help from the modding communities version of the Skyrim champion.

    He has sculpted for Marvel, Kotobukiya and McFarlane Toys to name a few. I'd give Alejandro a little more credit for his talent.

      Looks like you took the bait, and missed the sarcasm/joke

        Must be due to my young kids you

        probably because jokes are supposed to be funny

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