Tomb Raider Bus Ad, You Had One Job...

This botched-up bus advert was spied by Crystal Dynamics' Karl Stewart, the global brand director for the Tomb Raider franchise.


Karl Stewart [Twitter]


    Clearly it's making a point about the self-destructive nature of violence :P

      When you point one arrow at others you're... pointing 4 back at yourself? Right? It's like a hand right?

    by the looks of it, it could easily be fixed and probs already is due top customer complaints

    Call me a cynic but this could easily be a photoshop job.

      When its from the actual guy from crystal dynamics?

        It could've come from Pinocchio's twitter.
        You'd have to be pretty drunk or hungover or something to step back from that and not notice something was amiss. Unless it was deliberate.

        And just look at that jpg compression. What could those artifacts be hiding?

          No idea, don't really care. It's not an earth shattering revelation if it is. It's funny. Take it for what it is.

    Most likely some punks took out that portion of the advertisement, turned it around and then put it back while the bus was in its depot.

      Brit punks don't do that unfortunately. They'd torch the bus?

    This is shameless attempt at viral marketing. I've analysed the image and it has definitely been 'shopped.

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