Why Do We Play Games?

It's a valid question. I mean, as the guy says, we don't need to. We just... do it. And make it harder to do it of our own free will, with rules and stuff.

Games are weird.

Why Do We Play Games? [Vsauce]


    Because VR > RL

    this is video games journalism
    the best part was when you had someone else do the work for you

      It's a video, why would there need to be any more text than there already is? Do you want a god damned transcript or something?

      I loathe the people that whinge about this site. I've always viewed Kotaku as a place that compiles video game (and related interests) news from other sources as well as creating original content. That's why I keep visiting the site.

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        How about some more specific discussion points? A link to other relevant commentary - perhaps even an opinion? A summation? A diagram in crayon?

      I have come to begrudgingly respect Luke Plunkett's "Hey, this is cool. Come have a look at this..." style of journalism. I've known about Vsauce for some time, but I probably wouldn't have seen this otherwise.

      Ultimately, it would be better if he wrote his own stuff. I agree. But I don't feel he's wasting my time.

    The story, escapism but also epic soundtracks (currently replaying God of War 3) just gives a sense of epicness and awesomeness and all other words ending in -ness

    Because I'm such a failure in the real world that I feel better when I go online to scream at random people while teabagging their corpse and completely missing the homoerotic overtones of the act.

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