Yes, The New Assassin's Creed Is Like That Lovely Zelda Game

They don't make many games that let you sail wherever you want to go on the sea, battling other ships, discovering islands, hunting for treasure. But they do make some games like that.

In fact, Nintendo made a Zelda all about that: 2002/3's The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for GameCube.

Naturally, if you play games a bit — and then meet two developers of the next Assassin's Creed who show that their game will be set on the sea, involve battling other ships, discovering islands and hunting for treasure — you might inquire if one of the only games that did what ACIV: Black Flag will do provided any inspiration or instruction.

The answer you'd get is the answer you get when you ask developers about just about any game that seems like a possible inspiration: a sort of split of a yes, a no, a shrug.

To wit:

Me: I assume you guys have played The Wind Waker.

Raphael Lacoste, ACIV art director: Yeah. On the team some guys have.

Sylvain Trottier, ACIV associate producer: Not me. Is it the Zelda thing?

Me: [laughing] Yes, the Zelda thing that was in an open ocean where you get to explore every island.

Trottier: I don't have a Wii. It was the one console I never had.

Lacoste: It's a good reference. The game director has.

Me: It's one of the few games I guess you could even look at to see how they handled things. Have there been any interesting findings from that game, about what went well or what didn't?

Lacoste: I think the guys.. the game designers looked at that. We get inspiration from many games. We have to be open-minded.


Well, when it rains open-world naval games, it pours. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag IV will be out later this year on every major platform, including Wii U. Also coming later this year? Nintendo's Wii U remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


    Trottier: I don’t have a Wii. It was the one console I never had.


      And Totilo didn't even correct him!

        It's probably feigned ignorance. By saying he didn't own a Wii he's trying to make his lie seem more honest.

    Ha ha . Funny thing is , the remade Windwaker from years ago will be the better game . A true testament to the old " shiny graphics don't make better games " argument .

    That producers ignorance makes me want to stab someone.

      What an asshole thing to do.

        Yeah it would be if I talked about how my friend once actually did it and wanted to do the exact same thing.

          See how annoying that was?

            Nope. Trying to draw parallels between what you said and what I said failed horribly.

              Nope. Just wanted you to know how I felt when you commented earlier. Just a bit annoyed.

                Really? You are upset that I said slapping people in the face with a thong is an asshole thing to do? And then you come here and say my comment is an asshole thing to do, I agree with you but it's obvious that I am being hyperbolic.
                I realise you probably thought you were being funny (I hope so anyway) but my statement still stands. Cry me a river, princess.

    Ubisoft "What is an video games? Is that the Rayman one we're going to keep delaying forever?"

    To think we let them stay and let THQ fold.

    Assassins Creed is the worst, number 2 was the last great one I played. Bought AC3, took it back a few days later. Now it's like the FIFA of action games, the new cash cow for Ubisoft every year, they've basically Assassinated the franchises quality with their greed. Haaa

    ACII was definatly the best in the series, although IV looks pretty good (but thats what I thought about III)

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