Developers Accused Of Cloning Luftrausers Say Luftrausers Is A Clone

Developers Accused Of Cloning Luftrausers Say Luftrausers Is A Clone

Two days ago, dev studio RubiqLab found themselves the subject of much scorn, thanks to the unseemly resemblance between their game SkyFar and Vlambeer’s long-ago-announced Luftrausers. They responded to their critics by saying that they’ve been working on SkyFar for a year and cited US copyright law. Now, RubiqLab is accusing Vlambeer of copying.

In a new response sent over Facebook, RubiqLab says that Luftrausers itself isn’t that original:

The Game luftrauser is cloned by ( SKYSTRIKE , JETSTRIKE & many more ) And your game also came under pixel art. Earlier games likes SkyStricks & Jetstrike also were in pixel art. SO WHAT DO YOU SAY IS THAT REALLY YOUR OWN IDEA ? We dont think so.

please publish this msg over your page.. Thankyou

As best as I’m able to figure, RubiqLab appear to be accusing Vlambeer of copying from older games like Skystrike and Jetstrike. It’s true that aerial dogfight games have been around almost as long as video games themselves. Who knows what role–if any–older games may have had as inspiration for either. But Vlambeer went out of their way to have their game look and feel a certain way, first in a browser version and then in the one being prepped for release. It would be an awfully convenient coincidence if RubiqLab had incredibly similar looking and feeling ideas at the same time.


  • I heard about Ridiculous Fishing because of a clone article here, then I bought it and loved it. Hopefully these RubiqLab morons will help spread more good words about Vlambeer’s games.

  • I think it’s a lot like movies. Look at Oblivion & After Earth. Both movies have very similar settings, themes and such & it just happens that way sometimes.

          • ‘Tom Cruise’ is not a selling point. Oblivion is freakin’ awesome, a feast for the eyes, but it succeeds despite Cruise. Who is an asshat.

          • *sigh* my point wasn’t whether Tom made it awesome or not (personally i think he’s a decent actor despite his failure as a human being), my point was that they aren’t identical because they have different people in them.

          • @aegis @transientmind You two are literally the only people I’ve seen have anything positive to say about Oblivion. Most responses I’ve seen are that it’s absolute garbage.

          • Ha! I went into it not knowing anything about it and it totally reminded me of some short stories I’d read as a kid. Some Asimov/Nebula award entrants or something. Personally I’d love to see more movies which take a short story and draw it out a little to allow for a slower, more reflective pace with more time to spend on gorgeous visuals.

          • 😮 the only real issue i had with the movie was that the trailers ruined the plot twists – stupid hollywood 🙁

  • Honestly, it’s fair enough and they do make a good point. Not only is the game like Jet Strike and Sky Strike, there’s also WINGS OF FURY and RED BARON from the C64/Amiga days as well. The side scrolling genre is hardly new. The only point of contention really would be the art style, but that in itself has been done to death in other games as well… this one isn’t as clear as it seems. Both sides appear to be guilty of ripping others off blatantly honestly.

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