Here’s How You Make Cracked iPhones Cool… I Guess?

Here’s How You Make Cracked iPhones Cool… I Guess?

Don’t let wrecked iPhone screens ruin your day. Turn that frown upside down. Or something!

Here’s how Twitter user Inami made a cracked iPhone screen cool: An image of Sasuke from Naruto.

And, voilà, a cool-looking iPhone. Well, cool-looking broken iPhone.



  • I see what we’re doing here…yep this is the most hipster and cool thing I’ve seen to date, hope this becomes a trend.

    • People smashing their iPhones? I don’t know that I have ever seen a person without a cracked screen or damaged case on their iPhone. They must be super fragile.

      • It’s less a matter of super fragile and more a matter of poor treatment. I’ve had iPhones since the 3GS and I’ve never broken a single one. I’ve dropped them, sat on them, thrown them but they do not break.

        The key is buying a decent cover. I always buy a cover that goes around the whole phone, not just the back. The wrap around covers don’t protect against real damage, just cosmetic damage.

        • Yeah, I have no idea what people are doing to their iphones to crack them. Tiled bathroom floors, I guess? Or pavement/street gutters out on a drunken Friday night? I had a grotesquely oversized armoured shell for my 3GS, so I felt confident tossing that thing around all over the place, dropped it in all kinds of situations and places, never a scratch.

          My 4S, by comparison… I treat that much more gently now, BECAUSE it has no case. I’ve dropped it a couple times, and every time you hold your breath and think, “OK, this is the time it happens… this is what I get.” But it’s still fine. We must be looking at serious abuse, here.

          (Sidenote: Out for drinks after work, and an acquaintance pulls their 4S out and lo and behold: no case. I pull mine out, and we compare. “Dude, you go raw, too?” *high-fives* Livin’ dangerously, bro. Livin’ on the EDGE. You know what else? I never remove USB safely. THRILLSEEKA)

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