Oft-Delayed XCOM Shooter Sees Its Official Site And Videos Taken Offline

Oft-Delayed XCOM Shooter Sees Its Official Site And Videos Taken Offline

The official web presence for the shooter/RPG variant of XCOM, a reboot concept that never seemed to capture gamers’ imagination from the moment it was announced in 2011 through its E3 2011 and several delays, has been taken down and, further, the game’s YouTube videos also have been set to private. 2K Games is not saying anything.

Digital Trends noticed the removal yesterday. In late March, Superannuation noted that Take-Two Interactive (2K’s parent company) registered four domains that pointed to a rebranding of this game as “The Bureau”.

A 2K Games representative refused comment to Polygon. I reached out to the same guy, just in case.

I saw the XCOM reboot at E3 two years ago and found it intriguing, though I’ll cop to being a sucker for period pieces and having zero investment in the original series (I adored Enemy Unknown, nominating it for our GOTY, which it won.)

If this is being taken offline or made over, that’s disappointing. But it could be that Take-Two’s decision is based less on the feedback, almost universally negative, from hardcore X-COM fans, and more on the strong and even surprising success that XCOM: Enemy Unknown has since seen. To have a markedly different game under the same nameplate could confuse customers or, worse, water down the brand, especially if an unproven concept comes in as a clunker.

I’ll also note that two weeks ago saw the end of a fiscal quarter, which is typically when things get axed. Take-Two will discuss its quarterly performance in May, and titles planned for release in the coming year.

Something is Going on with the XCOM Shooter [Digital Trends]


  • This was a little surprising really. It looked OK, the aesthetic and time period were decent enough. The alien design was different. Of course, it could have played like a piece of shit, I guess I’ll never know.

  • I hope they eventually release this (I have been looking forward to this for what seems like years now) and yes for God’s sake change the name so the fanboys shut up – sometimes you have to give the baby his bottle!

  • This was an abomination that had nothing to do with X-COM. I would’ve been totally cool with it if they had of called it something else, though. I remember on Gamespot a few years back, shortly after this was announced, there was an article where they said they were developing a new fps and wanted something popular to make it more prominent so they called it X-COM.

    • Unwarranted elitism and arrogance never go out of style.

      I’d also argue that there are few video games in existence that actually deserve the moniker “abomination”. They’re just games.

  • They probably know that this game won’t turn out very good, so they’re trying to distance it from the X-COM Franchise. Which is smart.

    I’ve seen the trailers for this game – nothing special, from what I can gather.

  • I wonder if the response to the mediocrity of Aliens Colonial Marines made them question their path, progress, and quality as well. Maybe they saw that and parallels to their own game in people’s uncertainty?

    Part of me hopes not, because ACM had a HUGE burden to overcome with the positive early press, while the XCOM shooter had people more uncertain than anything. People would probably have been less hrsh. But if it WAS of similar quality, then they made the right choice. Sometimes, you do have to look at your progress, and say ‘Yeah. This just isn’t coming together. Time to move on’. This has been delayed, criticised, and suffered immense hostility. I am sure they knew what they were doing to abandon the sunk costs.

  • Its 2k games. It would have been a good game either way.

    Just sick and tired of these fans stuck in the past and complaining that they arent getting what they want.

    XCOM would have been a great game, but again, innovation is destroyed by fans.

    Its not the publishers and Game Designers who are gonna cause the next Game Industry Crash, it will be the consumers who cause it.

    Because everyone keeps on buying the boring generic games like CoD and Halo, the industry are gonna kerp pumping out those games and clones.

    But the innovative and great games dont make enough money to have a sequal.

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