The Queen Of Kerrigan Cosplay

Tasha from South Korean cosplay team Spiral Cats has outdone herself. Her take on StarCraft's Kerrigan is nothing short of spectacular.

No, it is spectacular.

Kerrigan is certainly not an easy character to bring to life. And look how Tasha did just that.

Previously, Kotaku showcased the impressive cosplay work of Tasha and her Spiral Cats cohorts.

Tasha's Kerrigan doesn't disappoint. It's a Zerg Rush on your cortex.

내가 바로 칼날 여왕이다 [ — Thanks Sang!]


    I think you misunderstand the meaning of the statement "nothing short of spectacular"

      Hey it's Bashcraft, his English is slowly atrophying, give him a break!


    Some of the Spiral Cats are a zerg rush to another part of my body, if you know what I mean

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