Call Of Duty's Nuketown Map Recreated In Real Life For Paintball

If you camped in the top floors of the Nuketown houses long enough that you wanted to change its hideous government-issue curtains and carpet, then this video is for you. An Illinois paintball field and (paintball) arms supplier Tippmann Sport recreated the map in real life this past weekend.

The nuclear clock tower, the school bus, the sandbags, the mannequins in the windows, they're all here at Paintball Explosion of East Dundee, Ill. It doesn't look like the map stretches out into the cul-de-sac, but there are two houses, and the yellow one with the back deck is nearly virtuoso.

Notice, however, the lack of heedless running and gunning, grenade spamming and melee kills. Some things just can't be replicated.

Real Life 'Nuketown' Paintball Field Recreated by Tippmann [Charlie Intel. h/t Victor]


    this seems like a good way to get rid of all the kids who constantly yell out racial and homophobic slurs

    Guy at 2:03 takes it way too seriously...

    If they wanted to make it "authentic" everyone would be camping just inside ALL the doors and at the corner of each building

    this is fun and games until someone gets killed, and people go videogame-caused-violence crazy

    Last edited 15/05/13 7:55 pm

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