Guy With Ultra-Rare Sega Console Prototype Refuses $15,000 Bid For It

About a month ago, renewed interest in the "Sega Pluto" — a prototype console that was more or less an online-enabled Sega Saturn — led one guy to rummage through his closet and find he was in possession of one of two surviving units. He quickly put it up for bid, but now a second auction has ended in no sale.

Roger Vega, the Pluto's owner, got a high bid of $US7600 when he listed it with GameGavel. That didn't meet his reserve price, so he tried again on eBay. A bid more than double that — $15,500 — likewise didn't meet Vega's unspecified reserve, so one must wonder what he considers an appropriate bid.

Sega Pluto eBay auction ends at $US15,000... reserve still not met [Sega Nerds via Joystiq]


    About half an hour ago he explains why on twitter:

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      Yeah the guy seems pretty reasonable. The article should probably be updated

      Huh, i thought a bid is meant to be binding and once you put it in there's no backing out
      Though I don't know whether he just sucks at paint or did a half arsed job at redacting the buyer's ebay name.

    I can understand that he wants a high price for it. there's literally only two of these in whole world, whatever collector is serious about having this will be getting a bargain at any price.

    Well researched there Owen. I think you might wanna let him know you screwed up on this one. O_o

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    first online console

    ..... it takes ages

    That is the worst attempt to digitally obscure a name I have ever seen.

    Yeah you really need to get your facts straight he didn't refuse the bid, the bidder withdrew the offer please correct the headline :/ and the name obsurerings hilarious haha he knew he should name and shame that buyer

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