Kotaku Is Hiring! PHP Developer Wanted

Take pride in writing clean code? We’re looking for an autonomous PHP developer to join our rapidly growing team at Allure Media.

This is a full time onsite position. The working environment is focussed, the culture is friendly, and you’ll be surrounded by people who are awesome at what they do.

Once part of the team you’ll be given a general direction, then set loose to optimise and enhance as you see fit.

Tasks will be greatly varied and range right from general tech support all the way up to building rad new stuff that sets our product apart and above the rest.

The ideal candidate must have • Strong PHP know-how (framework agnostic) • An understanding of MVC patterns • Know how to interact with and structure MySQL databases • A logical, driven mindset and keen eye for detail

Bonus points for the following • Write clean HTML, CSS and JavaScript • Know your way around frameworks and libraries like Bootstrap and jQuery • Not terrified of linux console • Know the difference between git pull and git fetch

If you’ve got mad skills and this sounds like a place you’d like to work, apply now. Mathematical!


    Tell you what, i can't do any of that stuff.
    But what i CAN do is come in, drink your coffee and eat your biscuits. I can also sit around and browse websites and provide witty/crude banter.
    I'll even give you the privilege of paying me for it.
    I start first thing monday morning, don't be late.

      You sir sound like true Government material, your hired!

      If you throw in the occasional ScribbleTaku I think you're a shoe in!

        Job perks for this position do indeed include the option of participation in drawing for ScribbleTaku.

        Well - i don't start until Monday - but i am a benevolent leader... you wish has been granted, although, i must warn you, it's quite deviously clever.


          I love you.

            Sounds like I'm getting a raise.
            The feeling are mutual.

              Man, its Monday morning, I've been waiting since 9am... you've not arrived...

      *golf clap*
      I seriously lost it at "Congratulations."

    Wow, first ad ever that actually asks if people knows GIT... Hire me!


      By all means feel free to still apply for the role, we understand that everyone has gaps in their knowledge, whilst they can still be very good in other aspects of the job.

        Thanks Rob, but I'm afraid I'm unable to leave VIC for the time being :) Will keep a lookout though, that Scribbletaku perk is rather irresistible!

    It constantly surprises me to see php as a serious must-have skill point in a job advert. Just get a decent coder and give them a free afternoon to master it.

    It is good to see git as a requirement.

    It kills me that I'm the perfect fit for this, but I can't relocate right now.

    -Strong PHP. Write my own libraries if they don't exist to solve problems.
    -Lots of experience with MVC. Particularly Kohana, and a proprietary MVC.
    -Lots of experience with Postgres. Have designed complete schemas for many apps. Good at denormalising DBs for performance, and writing queries.
    -I'm OCD when it comes to software quality. I'm not satisfied when code is "functional", it should also be clean and efficient, and ideally reusable.

    -Write HTML and awesome JS with OO patterns. Have a working understanding of CSS, but I'm not a designer.
    -Strong jQuery. Familiar with bootstrap, but haven't delved too deep into it.
    -Manage my own Ubuntu Server for fun.
    -I even make branches before I commit breaking changes.
    -I love building new software that does cool things, especially if it uses new tech (websockets, cassandra, html5, etc).

    But... can't relocate away from Brisbane for the foreseeable future, so ineligible. :(

      Thats a shame dude as you sound like you fit the bill.

    comment removed.

    Last edited 27/07/13 11:10 pm

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