LEGO Helm's Deep Redefines The Term "Epic Battle"

This isn't the first time we've seen the wettest battle from the Lord of the Rings trilogy recreated in LEGO, but it's easily the most impressive, at least in terms of scale.

I don't know how he got so many minifigs to pad out the scene, and I don't want to know. All I know is, if you want to pay homage to the battle with LEGO, you're off to a good start packing it full of meat for the grinder.

Shame he doesn't have a better camera, but you can easily get the idea.

Lord of the Rings, Helm's Deep [GOEL KIM, via Brothers Brick]


    How could he afford a better camera when he's spending every cent he has on lego men?

      That's what I thought! This guy has spent thousands on lego!

      He could literally have a bath in mini-figs.

      I feel like I need to observe that you can take a great photo with an average camera and a bad photo with an excellent camera. So these being bad photos, doesn't say anything about what kind of camera was used.

      It's all about the person behind the camera.

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        Holy crap, a bath in lego! Now THAT I want to see pictures of!!

        I don't know what the fuss is about; sure, it's not the best quality photo on the internet, but it's still perfectly fine, and gets the point across :-P

        This puts all the little battle scenarios I've ever set up with lego to complete and utter shame. :-(

          I couldn't even get close. I have less than 20 star wars mini-figs.

          I do have 2 tie fighters, an assault shuttle, 2 x-wings, an A wing and a Y wing though, so with some hooks and fishing line, I could set up a cool little dogfight scenario.

            I have about 12 stormtroopers (old ones), a squad of four republic troopers, 3 republic pilots, 3 rebel pilots, and 5 rebel soldiers. Then this guy whips out his bloody armada of orcs and elves and I will forever feel inferior as a result :-P

            I don't have many of the larger vehicles :( I have the millenium falcon and Luke's starfighter as far as Star Wars lego is concerned >.<
            I wish I spent more on lego :-P

            I have more Harry Potter than anything else, really. But the sets can be pretty expensive for lego.

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              That's the big reason why I don't have more. It reallys adds up, $$$ wise over time. I had to get an x-wing. The others I bought on sale etc. I refuse to buy anything from the new trilogy though. It's classic star wars or nuthin' for me.

    Lucky he didn't make it out of Megabloks or that shit'd be popping out of its slots everywhere :)

    I wish I had the money to do this.

      so do i, but i wouldnt be spending it all lego

    How does he reposition one of the minifigs in the centre if it falls over? Does he have a Mission Impossible harness to lower him from above?

    You can buy individual pieces directly from lego according to the megafactories episode on them.

      Yup - Stepped into the store at the Rockafeller Center in NY when I was there last year. They have a wall of drawers where you can grab individual pieces.

      Yup - you can buy individual mini-figures from specific sets, or individual pieces, anything - from the lego store. :-)
      Still... This is a lot of lego...

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    He certainly out-did Lego's official version...

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