Man’s Video Gaming Prompts Wife To Petition For Divorce

Man’s Video Gaming Prompts Wife To Petition For Divorce

A young Chinese man in Sichuan province is in a little hot water with his wife and the courts because of his affinity for video games. The man, Zhang Ping, is being taken to court by his wife for neglecting his household chores in order to play online games, reports News

Zhang Ping, 25, married his university sweet heart, Wang Juan, in 2011. The two enjoyed a short period of marital bliss before everything started to go wrong. Originally, Zhang was a “model husband;” after returning home from work, Zhang would help Wang with the household chores.

Late last year, Zhang started to change. According to Wang, Zhang became lazy. Instead of helping his wife around the house, Zhang began laying around playing video games. Whenever Wang asked Zhang for help with anything, his reply was to blow her off. Help make dinner, “the weather is too hot, let’s go out and eat.” Help clean the floor, “why bother? The floor is clean.” Zhang’s favourite excuse to use was this one: “I work all day, my work is boring, I need to relax. Video games excite me, it helps me relax”.

Zhang’s reluctance to do any house work caused a lot of grief between the couple. Wang says the couple would fight and argue all the time because of Zhang’s attitude. When it got too much for her, she decided to petition the courts for a divorce from her husband.

Wang’s petition cites Zhang lacks responsibility, and that he is an overly selfish man with an attitude problem.

At the court hearing, Zhang said he doesn’t agree with his wife’s request for divorce and is willing to work things out. Unfortunately for Wang, the courts also didn’t agree. The judge asked the two to work together to reach a mutual understanding.

After listening to the judge, Wang agreed to drop the lawsuit against her husband.

[老公沉迷游戏不做家务 悍妻怒极告上法院求离婚] [News Guangdong via Tencent]

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  • She sounds like a bitch. Damn right I’m not cleaning the floor if it already looks clean. And what’s wrong with going out for dinner?

    • If she’s not working then she should be cooking and cleaning. If she is then it’s a different story. You had one job!

    • Sounds like this guy could start cooking dinner every night, but then his wife will bitch that he never takes her out! Maybe he plays games because he’s never gonna win with his wife

  • It would have been nice to know if she works all day as well. If not, then as the stay-at-home partner she should be doing the cooking. If, however, they do both work, then they should be sharing the chores (either both cooking together, or taking it in turns).
    As for gaming after work, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. After I get home and finished dinner the first thing I do is turn on my PS3 or 360 and leave most chores for the weekend.

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