Remake Of 1995 Game Remakes 1995 Box Art

Remake Of 1995 Game Remakes 1995 Box Art

There are “remakes” of classic old games that throw out what’s often the most nostalgic part: the box art. Then there is Rise of the Triad.

The 2013 remake of the cult PC shooter from 1995 might be making radical changes to the game itself, but it’s stayed faithful to the iconic cover art, copying just about everything, from the poses to the outfits.

Bummed that her hair was changed, though. My teenage self loved her as much for her perm/wave/whatever as the more… obvious reasons.


    • It’s beside the point it looks way better, the fact is they’ve got so much love for RISE OF THE TRIAD they’re recreating it all right down to the cover. Can’t wait to try this!!! Was thoroughly disgusting with Syndicate, this seems like it’ll be a lot better.

  • Man, those RSAC Advisory ratings where much more awesome back then.

    LUDICROUS VIOLENCE! Wanton and Gratuitous Violence!


    • I think Apogee exists as a company that holds rights. I have no idea what it is they do or have been doing.

      • All I know for sure is that they held the rights to Pharaoh’s Tomb and Antarctic Adventure and on a random googling I found out that they’d released them as freeware just a couple of days previously, and I was over the moon.

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