Final Fantasy VII Remake's Box Art Sure Is Misleading

This is the box art, released this morning, for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is out March 3, 2020. It’s killer art. But if you saw it on a store shelf, you would have absolutely no idea that it’s actually just part one of the remake.

The game that publisher Square Enix is calling “Final Fantasy VII Remake” is actually an expanded and enhanced version of the Midgar section of the original Final Fantasy VII, which comprises roughly the first four hours of the game. The remake looks (and feels) great so far, but we don’t know when the whole project will actually be finished—director Yoshinori Kitase told me at E3 that they hadn’t even figured out how many parts it will be.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say that this PS4 game will feel drastically different and be a lot bigger than the original Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar. The story is expanded, the gameplay is completely overhauled, and there are a ton of changes both big and small.

But it’s still just a fraction of Final Fantasy VII’s complete story. So why is there no indication anywhere on this box that this is just part one? (Square Enix didn’t immediately respond to our questions about this.)

In press releases, Square Enix describes this game as such:

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a reimagining of the iconic original game that re-defined the RPG genre, diving deeper into the world and its characters than ever before. The first game in the project will be set in the eclectic city of Midgar and presents a fully standalone gaming experience that provides a great starting point to the series.

You have to wonder: how many people will see this box at GameStop or Target and think, ‘Wow, a remake of that game I loved in the 90s’ only to find that they’ve actually just gotten 1/10 of the story of that game they loved in the 90s?


    If buying the box gives you access to all subsequent parts, I don't see a problem.

    If it doesn't... I do see a problem. A big problem that might be worth the attention of consumer protection regulators.

    Maybe they just saw Marvel do the same thing with Infinity War, which was part one (and originally labelled as such) but then released as a stand-alone while clearly not being a standalone film by any stretch of the imagination.

      Was Empire Strikes Back?

        I’d say not, but A New Hope was.

          Standalone that is. Empire definitely wasn’t standalone.

            For me, Infinity War was an Empire Strikes Back. Empire wasn't sold as "part 1", anyone going into the cinema would have expected something just as stand-alone as the first... the only difference being, practically every Marvel movie ever made has some kind of "to be continued" setting up a subsequent movie, Infinity War was the only one to make it so obvious. The silver lining is they didn't make us wait 3 years for "part 2".

              The issue here isn't releasing it in multiple parts, it's that it's called FFVII remake on the box but doesn't contain the full remake of FFVII.

    My guess is it's going to be a bit like the other FF titles with sequels. So I imagine it'll just be Final Fantasy VII Remake - II.

    My issue with it is the word "Remake". Yes, it's a remake but it just feels tacky as part of a title. We've had many remakes/reboots that just use the name of the original game (such as Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Doom, etc.) so why can't we just have "Final Fantasy VII"?

    As for the fact that it's only the Midgar section, how is it misleading to just have the title? It's a remake, not the original game so who's to say what it is and isn't? The game is going to be complete in and of itself (Like FF-XIII) but part of a larger narrative (FF-XIII is a trilogy) so who knows how the naming scheme will work out. They may use subtitles rather than numbers.

      Maybe Remake is the subtitle.

      Final Fantasy VII: ReMake
      Final Fantasy VII: ReMako
      Final Fantasy VII: ReMeteor

    Your problem that there is no part 1? My bigger concern is that it is the same box art as the original unless you stop and concentrate on the hard to see because of shadowing on the font REMAKE. Well maybe you are right they want you to think you are getting a full game and not part of one.

      The art similar, but it has actually been redrawn.

    Apart from the obvious remake of a now old game (where is the new FF 16!!), and what appears to them just trying to make money by forcing people to buy it on console (where is the PC related release!!!), this whole process just seems to be repeating across gaming in general, where is the new game??, where is the multiple console/PC release?

    So wait they are releasing the first 4 hours of a 40+ hour game? So we are going to have about 10 FF7 remakes?

      Yeeeep, and being very vague about this is all gonna work too.

        Yeah a little worried but hopefully they can nail it.

      Only 40? I seriously remember my first playthrough clocking in around 150 hours...

        Most likely was, I never played the original until later much later in life. So there were guides and what I could follow. But still a massive game like this getting cut into smaller pieces not sure how it will work.

      No one knows how many "chapters" there will be to the FF7 remake and that INCLUDES Square Enix, the people making the damn game themselves which is a huge worry. That means they have no idea how long this will take and consider how long just this first chapter took to come out and it only equates to Midgard which is at best 4 hours of the original game. Now think of the rest of the game left and despair that Square Enix haven't nailed down yet after all these years how many more chapters/releases there will be.

      This very well could become the first game ever that becomes vapourware despite releasing however many chapters are made before it dies/is cancelled.

        I would imagine they have a pretty accurate map of how many chapters they want to make but given how wonky the content depth is in the original they don't want to commit to anything out loud. If they said 'we're aiming for five chapters' and then at any point they decide to reshuffle it into six players aren't going to think 'gee, the game flows better with this pacing' they're going to go berserk. FF doesn't exactly have the most understanding fans.

        Also keep in mind that most of the work done for the first chapter won't need to be repeated for the others. Content is a weird thing because sometimes it takes longer to get a basic character model swinging a sword in an empty square room than it takes to populate the entire world. They know, at least roughly, what needs to be done so they can cross over production. Voice work for example can be recorded in much more efficient blocks.

        I don't think this is the best way to make a FFVII remake but honestly I don't think there's any good way to remake a game that's this large, bad and beloved.

    The idea of playing FFVII up to the end of Midgar and then being forced to stop is FUCKING STUPID.
    Who wants to play FFVII in parts? How was that a good idea? "I'll just start this classic RPG title, and then wait for the rest of it to be released later on!".
    Sounds stupid. Because IT IS stupid.
    Not touching it until the inevitable "all-in-one" release during next gen.
    Fuck this idea.

      And if people wait to buy it until its all in one rather than spending $89 per part they might say it's not financially viable to make the remaining parts :/

        Totes cool with that. SE always bite off more than they can chew and/or swallow. Not to mention their current digestive tract issues.

    I think the true reason for not including "part 1" is (rather depressingly) because square aren't yet sure it will actually be popular enough to warrant making the additional parts. We might only ever get the midgar section if the game tanks, so they want to be able to still market this as being a complete game should that occur.

    Its the company that runs FFXIV that make you repeatedly run the same thing 100x to get an item, what do you expect. Just be thankful there wouldnt be 100 parts to it and you have to play it 100 times before you can proceed to the next part. If you want an item, be prepared to repeat a fight 1000 times.

    GL HF

    Also, do they even make game anymore? or do they just make cut-scenes and animations?

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