If There Were A Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Would Be Finished

If There Were A Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Would Be Finished
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Another day, another request for a Final Fantasy VII remake. The game was released in early 1997, and there are still calls for a remake. Endless calls.

At a Square Enix meeting today in Tokyo, honcho Yoichi Wada was asked about, wait for it, the possibility of a FFVII remake. He replied that even within Square Enix there been several discussions about a FFVII remake and that the developers who worked on the game are happy that it still remains so popular.

Continuing, Wada said that Final Fantasy brand management is “difficult”, and that Square Enix feels as though it has not made a Final Fantasy that surpasses FFVII. Thus, Wada added, if Square Enix remade Final Fantasy VII at this point in time, it would mean that Final Fantasy is finished. The reason is that Square Enix would be making — remaking, rather — a Final Fantasy that is better than the original FFVII. So, I guess, by not doing a FFVII remake, Square Enix is pushing itself to produce a game that’s greater than FFVII.

This echoes what Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura said earlier this spring — namely that “new Final Fantasy games take precedence over a FFVII remake.” Nomura added that the goal was to make games that rivaled or even surpassed FFVII.

Wada’s recent comments on a FFVII remake differ from what he said in 2010: “Right now we don’t have a clear direction, but many fans have requested we remake Final Fantasy VII. We’re going to explore the possibility — whether or not we’re going to do it, if we’re going to do it, and the platform.”

Consider that possibility explored and put off for the time being. Though, I sometimes wonder if there is a Final Fantasy VII buried deep in Square Enix’s offices and stored behind glass that reads, “Break in case of emergency.”

Wada is correct, though. If Square Enix remade Final Fantasy VII, the brand would be finito. What people want from Final Fantasy is either a Final Fantasy VII remake or something better than FFVII. When people get what they want, they will move on. And if the remake isn’t as good as they hope (and this build up isn’t doing Square Enix any favours), people will bitch and moan and complain. Either way, stick a fork in Final Fantasy, because it will be done.

スクエニ株主総会の速報。和田社長「FF7リメイクは7を超えるFFを作ってから」 [Intermezzo]


  • I don’t understand the excessive praise FF7 gets, that isn’t to say I don’t think it’s good, It’s amazing, but I look at all the other FF games until after 10 just as amazing. But hey, I wouldn’t complain if they did decide to do a remake.

    • It’s because VII had such depth of emotion with the Aeris, amoungst other things, I’m not saying that other games haven’t done this, but for a lot of us it was the first… it was the first game that truely seemed to be art.
      Some of the earlier FFs may have been close, but the fact is FF VII was a lot more approachable with its cutscenes and its wide distribution. It’s just that it was the turning point in the west for a whole generation of gamers.

      • Pretty much this. It was just a product that came out in the perfect era. It was the first ‘good’ and accessible JRPG the West saw, and was launched on the burgeoning PSX. As mentioned, it was at the right place at the right time and all the praise for the game is rosy-hued nostalgia. The game itself is really nothing special, nor was it a technical achievement.

        Nonetheless, Squeenix will not remake it any time soon. They need a carrot to keep dangling in front of the hapless fans who keep buying their same product.

        • I think it was a technical achievement, I remember seeing the FMV and going wow thats awesome, then your actual 3D character blends with it. That blew me away.

          I agree with everything else you say though.

    • It was the right game at the right place at the right time. For most people playing it, it was a radically different game to what they’d played up until that point. It also resonated with the teenage audience of that era, which was back when Japan was considered cool, Anime was becoming really popular, and was pre-911 / ‘War on Terror’ stuff. You’ve got a whole generation nowadays that have spent their entire lives hearing about casualties in Afghanistan and soldiers shooting terrorists and stuff, so what is relevant to the developing gamer audience is Call of Duty – FF just doesn’t hit the way it did any more.

      It also doesn’t help that Squenix has managed to force out all their core talent post-FFX (Sakaguchi gone after X, Matsuno gone halfway into XII, Uematsu doing less and less composition after IX…) and doesn’t seem to know what direction they want to take their flagship series, let alone be able to deliver new games in a timely manner.

  • This will never be remade. Square-Enix wouldn’t be willing to bet so much time and money wasted on a product that everyone has more or less already played. They’d rather make something good, and new instead something good, but ‘been there done that’.

    • “They’d rather make something good, and new instead something good, but ‘been there done that’.”

      Final Fantasy X HD says hi.

    • “They’d rather make something good, and new instead something good, but ‘been there done that’.”

      Really? Have you seen just how many goddamn times the FF games have been remade on every platform known to man? Just count how many iOS and NDS ports and remakes were released of old FF games.

  • I don’t think even a 1/3 of the people who clamour for a remake of FFVII would actually buy it. Thi si more about nostalgia than wanting a remake.

    Plus, if there was 1 tiny little thing fans didn’t like, well, you saw what happened with ME3. Imagine that times a million.

  • HD Remake would be nice (just HD textures ect, and leave it at that… don’t add voices, or change the music in any way), but I don’t think it would be worth it. If they realy want to test the water start a kickstater for the amount they think it would require and see if it happens (With fabulous prizes like a copy of the game, the soundtrack, signed concept art for the HD, ect).

    What they should realy be doing is releasing ports of the original on every system under the sun. Build and release an android port, and an iphone port, release to XBOX, and Wii, any system that can handle it (i know android has emulators that can run it but an official realese, would sell well, even though it would probably clock in at the better part of 2 gig). Put the PC version on Steam.
    I never could decide if my favorite was VII or VIII… Wouldn’t mind a HD VIII either…

  • they have definitely already finished the FFVII remake and are waiting for a rainy day I swear. You know, I remember seeing on the making of FFX DVD that came with my copy when I bought it, he said on it that they weren’t keen to re-make FFVII because they were afraid of producing an inferior product that fans would be disappointed with. There’s been many reasons, all very ambiguous. Bottom line is that its a fallback for them and it’s not coming out till they absolutely have to. /shrug.

    Personally the FFX HD “remake” makes me like 7 colors of happy and I’ll be content with that.
    I think FFVI Deserves a 3D remake for 3ds or otherwise before VII anyway.

  • I doubt Square-Enix will ever make a Final Fantasy ‘better’ than FFVII. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t better FF’s or that Square Enix won’t make one That is comparable, but by the very act of comparing it to FFVII it will always fail.

    For many, FFVII was a game of firsts. It was their first involvement in a Final Fantasy game, the first 3D Final Fantasy, the first time they got so emotionally invested in the characters. So much so that they cried when Aeris died.

    Even for me, who likes FFVIII and FFIX technically more, nothing will beat the nostalgia, that feeling I get, when I play FFVII. And that is the problem. There will never be a better Final Fantasy because nothing will ever beat the idea of Final Fantasy VII.

    I think the question S-E should be asking is SHOULD they continue with the series? Is Final Fantasy dead?

  • In my opinion, a remake should only be made when the game no longer fresh in people’s minds. FFVII is still VERY fresh in people’s minds, especially after the whole Advent Children thing and the spinoffs they made. Right now, I’d much rather see an FFVI remake.

  • I love FF7, but I know if they remake it they’ll add a whole lot of new terrible BS while removing some of the parts that I loved about the game. Nomura’s said that much about the latter, removing things like the Honey Bee Inn or Cloud crossdressing to fool Corneo. Who knows what else would get the cut? I’d wager the random battle system (old and old-dated but damn it I loved it), some of the surprises that were only possible by the awful graphics (could Red XIII really pass off as a sailor?) and more things in that vein.
    And then it would go in the opposite direction. They would add a whole lot of junk from the sequels that would be unwelcome to me – new turks would crawl out of the woodwork, that kid from the movie would be jammed in somewhere and who knows what else.

    I think I’ll just wait for the PC rerelease.

  • After the abominations that were FF12 (and it’s million spin off games), FF13/FF13-2 (and spin offs) and finally FF14 (which is still broken to hell); I think that SE needs to make that remake of FF7 and close up shop. The company hasn’t made a good game in years, so why not give the fans something they want and then walk off into the sunset

    • FF12 had exactly 999,999 less spinoffs than you stated. One. There was one. You’re right about it being shit though. FF12 on the other hand is pretty incredible.

  • It’s a kind of silly statement, considering how many people consider other Final Fantasy’s to be their favourites, and with a few exceptions between VI and XII, they’ve all had a good, solid remake made for them.

  • I love FFVII, but I’d hate a remake of it. They would have to include all of the crap that they’ve slapped the FFVII name on so it’d all fit, and it would result in being a bigger mess then their current games.

    Then again, I would much prefer for them to remake VII, but skip over V and VI, and then give up Final Fantasy(We can hope, right?). VII may be the second best game I’ve played, but nothing’ll top VI.

  • “Oh, just add some HD textures and update models etc etc”
    You people do realise that the game had 2D backgrounds right? Most people just assume that you could easily just port it and update a few tiny things like it’d be no work, but to truly “remake” it they’d have to make it all from scratch.
    And I don’t know, maybe it’s because I got into FF before 7 came out, but I don’t get it, I never really liked it, 1 through 6 were more enjoyable, even 8, 9 and 12 I liked heaps better than 7.

  • If I were SE, I would be terrified to remake FFVII. There’s absolutely no way they’d be able to live up to almost fanatical hype there would be surrounding it. If it ended up curing cancer, people would still find it doesn’t measure up to their nostalgia-slathered childhood memories of the original.

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