Sony Is Already Taking Shots At Microsoft On Twitter

While I happen to think the "console war" is one of the dumbest things ever conceived by humankind, there are few things as entertaining as watching corporations snipe at one another.

So this got me giddy. Perhaps a bit jealous of today's big Xbox Reveal, Sony's PlayStation Europe account took a nice little jab at Microsoft this morning.

Slow news day! Ain't nothing going on today! Check out this blurry teaser of a black box!

E3 is going to be so much fun, you guys. It's time to find out what happens when corporations stop being polite... and start getting real.


    Also note that Sony (specifically, PlayStation Europe) have bought the 'promoted' hashtag of #PS4 on Twitter today - which places it nicely above Xbox One in Trends. I'm not sure whether to giggle at the gall, or sigh at the pathos.

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