Teen’s School Shooting Plan Included Call Of Duty’s ‘No Russian’ Theme

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The American teenager accused of plotting a bombing attack on his school in Albany, Oregon, wanted his car stereo to blare the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack. Specifically, the song from the infamous “No Russian” mission, as he carried out his assault, according to his handwritten plans, police there said.

At 11:10am local time, on the day of his attack, Grant Acord, 17, would “Get gear out of trunk. Carry duffle in one hand, napalm firebomb in the other, walk towards school with (Airport Stalk music from the Call of Duty video game) blasting out of car.”

He’d then light and throw his improvised napalm firebomb, “unzip bag and begin firing”, and then “cooly state: ‘The Russian grim reaper is here.'”

“Airport Stalk” (above) was the music during “No Russian,” the controversial fourth mission in the singleplayer campaign of 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In it, the player is undercover among a group of terrorists as they massacre a crowd of civilians in the Moscow airport.

The mission was made optional in light of its upsetting content. Its release in some nations was edited so that a player failed if he opened fire on the civilians along with the NPC terrorists.

Police said Acord’s timeline was titled “The (Loosely Stated) Plan AKA Worst case Scenario” and it contained a detailed series of steps beginning at 7.30am, culminating in an 11.10am assault. Acord intended to kill himself “before S.W.A.T. engages me”, according to the plan. Police are not saying when Acord intended to carry out the attack, but he still planned to buy more firearms and build more bombs before doing so. Authorities pipe bombs and other explosives under the floorboards of Acord’s bedroom when they raided his home on Thursday night, on a tip from a fellow student.

Acord is being charged as an adult with 19 counts, including attempted aggravated murder and making and possessing bombs. He’s being held on $US2 million bond.

Prosecutors: Teen’s plan to attack school included napalm, background music [CNN — h/t mr_raccoon]


  • Games or no games. in the past when Tarzan was on tv, do you know how many kids broke their legs and arms from swinging around. Or when that bow show was out how many kids poked other kids eyes out?

    it happens and will happen look how much gun related crap there is on tv alone.

    • You missed one. Back in the day when Foghorn was shown on TV, many of a kid played doctor painted their patient’s tongues green.

      • Yeah. Just looking over the topic again and its a number of things. You can’t blame 1 thing. Though I do find it weird that people are surprised after giving civilians access to military grade equipment. Its ridiculous.

  • Obligatory
    “herp derp I’ll just go out and buy some more guns because I don’t have enough to go on an effective shooting spree”
    Only in America (or more accurately, not if you lived in Australia where we have sensible gun laws not beholden to antiquated, no longer relevant auspices)

  • Yeah… kind of hard to argue against the influence of games in this one.

    Kind of a side story, but my mate in high school got cheated on. Waited outside the other guys work with ‘Eye of the Tiger’ blaring on the car stereo, and proceeded to punch the guy a few times before he realised he wasn’t going to fight him. Went home. We all thought it was pretty lame.

    • Wasn’t Eye of the Tiger only played when Rocky was ‘training’ with Apollo Creed in Rocky 3? He wasn’t exactly trying to punch a dummy either. Yes I agree twas lame but the thought was there 🙂

      • We actually thought the initial concept was cool. It got lame when he was standing on the street, shirtless, punching a guy that didn’t want to fight with eye of the tiger.

      • Everytime the cops pull me over or doing a RBTI like to put “F**k the police” by N.W.A on the car stereo.

    • Unrelated once again but one time we invited a guild member who was unperforming (and not well liked) into Ventrilo for a chat. He joined and no one said anything, then we played the theme from Survivor and an officer said “The tribe has spoken” then he was unceremoniously kicked from Vent and from the guild. We thought it was funny.

  • There is something wrong with that place,
    I grew up in South Africa, surrounded by guns, my parents carried guns 24/7 everyone had guns, even the people who were against guns had guns, they just had non lethal rounds instead, it’s easy to get Military grade hardware legally or illegally, I was offered to buy an Ak-47 when i was 13 for R20 (R = Rand south africa’s currency) which is about $2-$3 AU$. There have been hardly any school shootings, there have been a couple but when you consider how many guns are in the country it’s a tiny figure compared to America. So people having access to military grade hardware is certainly a major problem and they should enforce sticter laws (maybe at least get rid of the assault weapons) but there is definatley a cultural / social side to this that contributes just as much as just having access to the weapons.
    *I hope i articulated this reasonably*

    • Very interesting. Maybe non-lethal is the answer.., then Americans can shoot each other as much as they like 😀

      • LOL, That would be hilarious, could you imagine the headlines.

        “In news today, several gang members were severely bruised as they were the victims of a drive by shooting”

  • One of the things I do when planning a mass shooting is write my plans down…. just incase I forgot….. Stinks like a crock of shit to me.

    But hey, maybe he did, who knows.

  • This really has nothing to do with games, but I will state the obvious anyway.

    1. These people who go on or intend to go on shooting sprees, clearly have a severe psychiatric problem to begin with and are just plain have some sort of faulty wiring.
    2. Why only in America? Oh gee, maybe it’s the hundreds of millions of firearms floating around?
    3. Combine point 2 with a high population which equals higher odds of defective humans being born

    What do you end up with? High levels of gun violence across the board. It has absolutely nothing to do with video games. There’s a reason CoD players all over the world AREN’T shooting up schools. We could blame duffle bags since he had one of those too.

  • im starting to think that all this publicity around whether games cause violence is increasing the amount of people using gaming in conjunction with the act itself in some way?
    Edit: the people committing the acts if that wasn’t clear

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