The Ass Nintendo Doesn't Want You To See

There's new Fire Emblem DLC out today. The Summer Scramble pack. It adds a beach map to the game as well as "many conversations between the parent characters who normally do not support each other in the main game". Yet it also takes one thing away.

When the pack was released in Japan, it featured splash images of several characters, both male and female, in swimsuits. One of these characters, the bikini-clad Tharja, had her back turned to the "camera", her fingers gripping the swimsuit in let's say a suggestive fashion.

For the North American release, however, that image has been edited, a piece of material hovering perfectly over the area in question.

Does it help? I don't think so! Covering the area only makes it more suggestive. As in, suggesting there's no swimsuit under there at all.

This isn't the first time 3DS art has been edited, and given Nintendo of America's bizarrely puritan slant — pointlessly at odds with the game's older target market — it probably won't be the last, either.

Summer Scramble [Fire Emblem Wiki]


    As lots of others have said, I actually find the censored version much more suggestive, you have to look really close to see she's wearing the bottom part of her swimsuit at all as mentioned in the article, but furthermore, the material looks a lot like the cape of someone walking in on her, if you catch my drift. *wink wink nudge nudge*

    Also, insert rant about how gore and gun violence and torture are acceptable and a swimsuit hand drawn cartoon arse is not here.

    My assumption would be that Nintendo did it for the ESRB rating, not to be "pointlessly at odds with the game's older target market" as you put it, Mr Luke Plunkett, with your arms in the air in outrage.
    In the end, it doesn't change gameplay so...

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    Looks like Marth and Tharja is about to get it on in the USA and Europe version

    America: where anybody can own a firearm, yet any form of sexuality results in instant censorship. Priorities anyone?

    It's purely for sales. If it seems to be suggestive, bigger shops like walmart won't stock it, which means WAY less sales.

    Blame the massive bible thumping demographic in middle america. They don't like the ass. Not nintendo.

      Except it's DLC, so there isn't even any stock for shops to refuse...

        They could refuse to stock the actual software, because of the suggestive DLC?

        I dunno, I'm just guessing, but there's been controversies over stuff as innocuous as this before, and companies just want to sell stuff. They want it to be a smooth transaction, and if it's as simple as covering up some rump with material, then they'll do that if it helps their product be available to consumers.

    That's hilarious. It's not even tastefully edited out, they just chucked on the modesty curtain. That said, I'm loving this game but "Beach Episodes" always struck me as particularly exploitative. It's just fan service and a cheap way to get everyone into bikinis. Valkyria Chronicles was an excellent game that unfortunately had a Beach chapter, and paying for it here is particularly galling.

    Societies view on morality

    Killing and violence - OKAY!!!!!

    Sex and nudity - IT DESTROYS MINDS!!

    I didn't really get much suggestive out of the original pic except that her bikini didn't fit right. In the time I've spent around swimsuited girls, they have to 'adjust' plenty. Especially if the waves are especially rough or the material especially inclined to disappear up their crack. Ahh, fashion...

      If there's one thing watching "Stick it" taught me, it's that gymnasts use spray on adhesive to stop their outfit from disappearing between the southern mountain range.

    Does this get Schreier's stamp of approval?

    I find this thoroughly disappointing, because, as everyone should know. Tharja is best girl :3

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