The Most Complicated (Imaginary) Board Game Ever

If you've ever done Board Game Night, you know that every group of board game players has a limit. There are games that are just too advanced for some, and the key to having fun is picking a game that's complicated enough to be satisfying for newcomers but simple enough for newcomers to pick up.

(That is, unless you're lucky enough to have a dedicated group of people to learn the Game of Thrones game or Risk: Legacy or any of those amazing games Quinns is always going on about.)

The comedy duo Rhett and Link have a go at the more complicated kinds of board games out there in this new short in which they play Risky Settlers Knights and Allies of the Lords of Dominion of Earth: Pandemic Edition. Heh. I'd play it.

(Via Huffpo)


    Boardgames + Dodger? Thank you Kirk Hamilton

      Very funny, always liked Rhett and Links comedy styling's.
      Ive got a massive thing for Dodger that helps ;)

    That went nowhere arduously slow...

    Did this years ago.

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