There Are Eight Ways To Play First-Person Shooters. Apparently.

There Are Eight Ways To Play First-Person Shooters. Apparently.
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Those who play shooters on a desktop already know that there is a considerable variety for how one can position him or herself. Let’s say that there are supposedly eight basic ways, m’kay?

This image originally debuted a while back in Japan, but is once again making the internet rounds. It shows eight (count ’em, eight) different styles to play first-person shooters.

According to the above image, they apparently are: Standard, Arrow Key Style, Inverted V Shape Style, Russian Style, Crossed Legs Style, V Shape Style, Glaring Style and Mongolian Style.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what’s so Russian about “Russian Style” (do Russian players usually put the keyboard on their laps?) or why using a gamepad and a mouse is “Mongolian Style”. The other styles seem to be self-explanatory, however.

Which one best describes your play style?

FPSはキーボード派?ゲームパット派? [2ch]


  • 9. Naked.
    10. With your girlfriend.
    11. Naked, with your girlfriend. (Don’t ask.)
    12. Sitting ON the desk (done this).
    13. Legs up on the desk in front of you with kb in your lap and mouse on desk.

    • 9b. In undies
      13b. Legs up on the desk, body twisted to the right, russian style kb and mouse
      14. 9b+13b if its been a long day

    • With regards to this post, I feel I should bring up a person I used to raid with in Vanilla WoW who used a guitar hero controller to play his fury warrior in AQ40 for funsies.

      • Yeah this was very much a once off. It was at a big LAN circa 2001 and I’d just finished playing … some racing game when the group I’d gone with started a Counter Strike game. Since I still had my wheel hooked up I figured I’d leave it on for a laugh.

        Pretty much everything worked, but one weird thing was that I had to keep both pedals depressed to look straight ahead and released the accelerator to look up, released the brake to look down. It was something to do with the way the analogue input was being interpreted and made aiming very difficult.

  • hahaha mongolian? never seen that!
    i was an arrow key user for many years in cs – left click primary, second key jump, scroll mouse to change weapons, ctrl for duck, pg up drop weapon, pg down reload, right shift walk

  • Russian style for casual gaming laid back in my chair.
    Glaring for serious business time
    Standard is my default hand position so I’m like that regardless what game I play.

    Sometimes Inverted, I find the keyboard is better slanted if that’s what V shape is.

  • Crazy style: using just the keyboard. Used to play all FPS that way up until around Quake 2 I think.

  • I used a Guitar Hero guitar controller to play multiplayer Doom on the Xbox with a friend. Had to use the whammy bar to turn, and it had to be just right so you didn’t spin around. 2 Hours of playing and we still couldn’t work out how to shoot, it just randomly got stuck on autofire sometimes after you died. Good times.

  • It’s interesting how “Ha” style translated to Inverted V. It’s not technically that since “ha” has a gap, more like / \ – slash-backslash style.

    I play mix of standard + mongolian. When running and gunning, I use kb+mouse, but I switch to the controller when driving.

  • I’m so boring. Standard all the way.

    But mongolian seems pretty interesting. I reckon it’s a good idea.

  • Back in my Unreal Tournament LAN days there was one guy I knew who played using a joystick. Like, a proper flight sim joystick.

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