When Xbox Jokes Accidentally Become Xbox Marketing

Yesterday, GameSpot's Carolyn Petit was one of countless people online having a little fun at Microsoft's expense during its woeful Xbox One reveal.

Something one of the employees manning the company's marketing machine didn't take into account when using one of Petit's tweets as a piece of marketing hype (above).


I understand sarcasm isn't always the easiest thing to pick up on the internet, but since when would a real human being actually say that?

A better way to watch TV [Twitter, via NeoGAF]


    She probably just frustrated because she will be out of a job when Microsoft kill off physical used games.

    The best thing about this being used as marketing is that it sums up the whole debacle, ie. Microsoft clearly not listening to their customers well enough... For so many smart people, this has been pretty stupid... "Calladoodie!"

    I dont think I've seen a more facepalm worthy 24 hours than Microsoft is having.

    they really should have supported the occulus rift and THEN the world would have gone mad

    The funny thing is the joker (this girl on Twitter) has become the joke. I say well done to Microsoft. If people are going to make sarcastic remarks like that within one tweet, they should at least be smart enough to place something in it that stops it from being used to the advantage of the company/people/device they're hating on.

    They trolled this girl big time! She should have written something nasty on the side within that main tweet, exactly where she went wrong.

    1 Microsoft, 0 Twitter user.

      It would be more accurate to say:
      Gamespot Journalist 1: Microsoft Marketing Department 0

      Not really.

      If I saw that used as a legit advertisement I'd think "Wow, Microsoft is marketing this at morons who find TV watching challenging? Well that's not me then, clearly it's designed for an idiot."

        I think the Edge article described it best. Microsoft have invented a problem that doesn't exist so that they can try and sell a solution to it.

          Hey, Listerine did it successfully for the mouthwash industry with halitosis..

      I think this one went completely over your head. Microsoft has egg on their faces for thinking a person would legitimately say this. She just won the day with people smart enough to get it; she'll get more exposure as a journo than she will flak for appearing to be mindless to people who didn't get it

    Microsoft using her tweet as marketing, actually makes HER look like an idiot, if you didn't understand the context with which it was said. Still, it's funny when stuff like this happens.

    As to whether she'll get more exposure - maybe. But it won't be for her jokes.

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