Wow, Sid Meier Just Made A New Video Game

Legendary game designer and civilisation co-creator Sid Meier is a bit like Tom Clancy these days. His name's on a whole bunch of stuff, but the level of involvement he actually has with each project, even civilisation games, varies.

There appears to be little doubt how much of a hand he's had in this latest project, though. iOS air combat strategy game Sid Meier's Ace Patrol has, according to publishers 2K, been "conceived, designed and programmed by the legendary game designer himself".

It appears to be a digital tribute to the excellent Wings of War tabletop game, albeit with more personality and emphasis on characters (with stuff like XP and levelling).

It'll be out on iOS on May 9.




      Pfft, you're argument is invalid. WINGS OF WARRRR!

      See, there's actually two different markets with only minimal overlap. 'Gamers' and 'Mobile gamers'. Mobile gamers are spending shitloads but are ridiculously cheap to cater to, whereas regular gamers are spending shitloads but are ridiculously expensive to cater to. Hence the shift. Confusion arises when people miscommunicate or unrealistically expect that gamers are being targeted by game companies and developers who have shifted their focus to mobile gamers, without necessarily broadcasting (or understanding) that they are not simply targeting the same market on a different platform, but an entirely different market altogether.

      It probably stems from the idea that xbox and playstation are different platforms, which yes, they are, but they are essentially the same market.

        I could be wrong, but I took Flunkus' comment as in it's only on iPhone and not Android, which if so, agree with. :(

          Or WP8 - Why oh why do we always get left behind -and don't say because WP has no market share - it's going up.

    Given the propensity of gamers who still give a fuck about the name Sid Meier to also be neckbeard wearing FOSS botherers (myself included; all hail stallman, peace be upon him), would it not have made fiscal sense to develop this game on... anything other than iOS?

    Scratch that, iOS is the only platform making ANYONE money on account of same neckbeards probably.

      I'm a believer, and I only have android devices. For which I've never bought an app of any kind.

    If anyone gets tempted to try Wings of War, note that its now called Wings of Glory after changing publishers.

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