How To Play As Sid Meier Or Ken Levine In XCOM

XCOM has a nice little surprise for those willing to go without achievements for the game: superhero "cheat" characters who, in addition to being maxxed out killing machines, are also famous video game developers.

Both civilisation creator Sid Meier and BioShock frontman Ken Levine are available and accessible in about the simplest way possible: just go to your squad screen and change a soldier's name to... Sid Meier or Ken Levine. It's that easy. You can see the "cheat" in action in the video above.

This obviously works just fine on the PC version, but I'm not too sure about the console editions. There are also two more "heroes" available who aren't famous developers, one comics writer Joe Kelly, the other being YouTube video creator Otto Zander.


    I'm glad it has the "you sure you want to do this?" confirmation, would suck to do it without realising it'll turn off achievements.

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