You Can Download Next-Gen Human Faces Right Now

"Ira" is the name given to the bald guy you may have seen lately in some next-gen tech videos from Nvidia and Activision. He's one more step down the road towards more believable artificial characters.

If you'd like a little taste of the next-gen on your current-spec PC, though, an interactive demo of the tech has been released by Nvidia, allowing users to adjust the settings, lighting and shaders used on Ira's face.

Lifelike Human Face Rendering [Nvidia]


    Amazing research skills there. You should've copy and pasted the original articles text too...

      Notice how Logan put effort into the article, and Luke did not..

        Yeah another recurring theme like reposts. If I didn't do my job properly I'd be fired by now.

    Kotaku US already posted this. I think it was Jason Schier that did it too.

    Another day another Kotaku repost.

      Ladies and gentlemen, Luke "Wun day I asprrire to be a jrornalest" Plunkett!

        I heard he has a photo of Mark Serrels on his wall as inspiration.

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