You Can't Lose In This RPG, Although You'll Probably Travel Someplace New

Unrest is a most unusual game. There are no fail states, for one. The story continues if you fail. It's also an RPG that takes place in ancient India — which, I don't know about you, but that's not a place I've ever visited in a game.

The Kickstarter video promises a lot of unconventional ideas, actually. Unlike most games, you won't have combat for the sake of having combat. From the Kickstarter page:

Instead of meaningless combat encounters with dozens of enemies in every area, combat encounters will be few and unique, such as a knife fight for food in an alley, a duel between homeless humans and Naga (and more!) in a style similar to Sid Meier's Pirates. Importantly, violence will have consequences on the state of the world - too much bloodshed and you might just tip the city over the edge.

That, to me, sounds enticing. Most games have a knack for giving me small existential crises as I think about the hordes I regularly tear down and how much time that padding takes away from me — and any game that gets rid of inconsequential battles feels like a godsend. They're so rare!

Unrest isn't the prettiest game, but the ideas seem to make up for that. The Kickstarter page for Unrest can be found here.


    "Now I've been playing a lot of RPGs, since I was seven years old..." So, four or five years ago?
    (I'm saying the guy in the video looks younger than some of the food in the back of my fridge.)

    Last edited 25/05/13 9:56 am

      he still probably has more of an idea of what the RPG crowd wants than SquareEnix.

      This isn't my style of RPG though, but interesting ideas. It'd be good to know how exactly the city carries on and how your actions affect it. For years we've heard from AAA developers that the NPCs change their attitude and actions to how you play and that never really works out it gameplay, so seeing if an Indie developer can do it...

        "If you annoy certain people in the game, there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. Serious. Consequences." = "If you shoplift, a shopkeeper will say 'What do YOU want?' instead of 'Hello sir, how may I help you?'"

          Or a thunderous flock of murder-chickens, pelting you from all sides til you die.

      I think I'm a little more concerned about the food in the back of your fridge...!

        I was worried about the food too, but it insisted that I wasn't being fair if I didn't give it a chance to put forward its side of the story. It had a point and we were able to reach an amicable resolution.

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