Build Your Own Combat Car And Watch It Fail Hilariously

Build Your Own Combat Car and Watch it Fail Hilariously

After all, that's at least half the fun. This is Scraps, a multiplayer vehicular combat game currently in development for PC. Basically, you build your own cars in it then blast each other (or yourself) apart.

It looks quite fun, judging by the gameplay trailer:

It's one of those pre-alpha proof of concept kind of deals, so one would assume the terrain will look a lot better come release. The core gameplay of goofing around in self-made cars seems to be there and working, for the most part. I'm really digging the song, too.

Intrigued? There's a Kickstarter and a Greenlight page for you to check out, along with a bunch of other gameplay videos on the creator's channel and a playable demo on the website.

Scraps: Custom vehicle combat for Windows/Mac/Linux [Kickstarter]


    read this as fart hilariously. Gif did not help :/

    They should team up with the guys at, they've been working on a vehicle combat game for about 50 years and it's still only 15% complete. They really need to give it up or pour their developments and experience into something that is going somewhere. I've got half a mind to give them a Battletoads boot up the behind.

    So, multiplayer Kerbal Space Program with cars?

    So, Garry's Mod?

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