You Might Soon Be Able To Draw Your Own Video Games

Pixel Press appears to hit that sweet spot where technology, ambition and design come together to bring to life something you could once only dream about.

It's part-game, part-app which comes in two parts. The first is a basic sketching kit, a downloadable and printable template that's basically just an enormous sheet of squares. Users can colour in those squares to create the pixellated design of their choosing.

When they're done, the app is able to read the special sheet design and turn it into a video game platforming level, users able to add stuff like a skin and music, as well as test to make sure the app works.

While it appears to be geared mainly towards students, there's no stopping anyone older from trying their hand at it either.

It all sounds a bit magic, but the fact it's restricted to grids makes it all seem a lot more practical. Those after a more comprehensive run-down of how it all works, the team's Kickstarter page has a nice clear breakdown of the tech and their goals.

Pixel Press: Draw Your Own Video Game [Kickstarter]


    Pretty cool. Can see it will be good for those that like games such as Super Meatboy. Or if modified in such awat to allow smaller rooms etc then it could do Metroid style games very well.

    Honestly I'm surprised something like this hasn't caught on sooner. The tech has existed for years, it just needs to be noticed.

      Probably because it's a lot easier to just use a level editor.

    Make more Metroid-Vanias! :D

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