Beautiful Custom PS3 Consoles Exist To Make You Super Jealous

Sony has a long-running tradition of customising PlayStation consoles, sometimes giving them to celebrities, a tradition that continues to this day. One of the men responsible for these amazing one-of-a-kind machines is Javier Riquelme.

Over the weekend he shared examples of some consoles he recently had made for Sony, and they will make you look at your vanilla PS3 and just sigh heavily.

Custom built PS3 for Sony by jriquelme [Gallery]

mandioca gamer [personal site]


    Dammit, i want the GTA V PS3, hey Rockstar, i'll give ya 5 bucks for it.

    I WANT THAT GTA V ONE!!!!!!!

    Last edited 17/06/13 5:59 pm

    Maaan, they're all so badass. Love the GTA and Bioshock ones.

    so weird seeing bungie logo on a playstation lol
    guess i should get used to it, foolish ms

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