Gran Turismo 6 Comes To PS3 For The Holidays

Gran Turismo 6 is headed for the PlayStation 3 this holiday season.

The game will feature 1,200 cars in its fleet at launch, along with seven new racing locations for a total of 33 tracks (with dozens of layouts.) There are plans for additional cars and tracks as downloadable content after release. The UK's Silverstone Circuit also will appear for the first time.

The statement officially announcing Gran Turismo 6 did not mention a PlayStation 4 version.

News of GT6 dribbled out this morning as overseas news outlets jumped the gun on an embargoed announcement time of noon today. Further, a Toyota rep got very chatty on Twitter at a Gran Turismo event at Silverstone today.

Sony's statement added that the game will have smartphone and tablet connectivity to support social and community features.

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    Hopefully this time around the cars are all premium, the engine sounds are improved, and the AI cars aren't 'glued to the track' monsters that completely ignore your presence... among other things.

    Though on previous platforms the first GT was always the shit one, with the followup being a greatly expanded and improved upon version.

    So my hopes are high.

      You know the AI won't change much... Sorry to really be a downer. I just hope I'm wrong.

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        GT's a weird series. I've always felt that they spend so much time getting the handling of the cars right, and very little getting the other aspects of racing correct. I still can't quite believe that only some of the vehicles in GT5 had collision damage and how basic the AI is. As a consequence, I think its probably second fiddle to more than one other franchises that get the handling pretty close but also do everything else well. Would be awesome if they took care of the little things this time.

          Part of the limited crash damage may be due to licencing.
          If the car manufacturers say that polyphony can only use their cars if they don't get damaged, it'd be a tossup between no cars, and no damage.

            Was that ever confirmed? I just find that so hard to believe, mainly because it didn't seem like crash damage was limited to specific manufacturers.

              Yes that was confirmed. Crash damage was limited to "race cars" for licencing reasons. Only cars that have roll cages and are usually seen crashing in their natural environment were allowed to show real damage.

                Fair enough. How have other devs gotten passed that?

                  This is going to sound unintentionally catty, but mostly by releasing their games on time. A lot of car manufacturers withdrew or modified their arrangements with Sony due to the massive delays Gran Turismo 5 experienced. When you enter an agreement expecting to see your cars in a game set for release by X date, only to find the game getting pushed back months and years, manufacturers start to lose faith in the product and the company. Some backed out altogether, while others backed out on agreements to include proper damage modelling.

          The AI is pretty average. I remember back when GT5 game out there was a discussion here about it (and NFS: Hot Pursuit which I think came out the same year). I said then that GT5 was the best driving game of the year, but NFS:HP was the best racing game of the year. But I'm actually fine with that - I don't really do much racing at all in GT5, I'm generally happy to just jump in a car and drive round Nurburgring on my own for an hour or two at a time because the handling is so freaking good. But yeah, the pleasure I get from it is more the enjoyment of driving rather than the adrenaline rush of racing.

            I understand what you mean as I've found myself enjoying the ride with the G25 plugged in. But racing really is what it's about and I want to be able to do that too while feeling I'm not being cheated against. Constantly being pushed out the way, and into a wall is not my kind of fun from a game that calls itself a simulator. I might as well go buy R-Factor. I enjoy this because I'm on the couch, not the PC.

            Pretty much what i do, take one of my Le Mans cars out for a leisurely Sunday drive ...

    as a massive GT fan since day one.... im not holding my breath for this one....

    still holding the scars from the last one which i waited so long for

    I'll be waiting for reviews this time.
    Once bitten....

      GT5 was good, still play it today.

        Are you high right now?

        GT5 was/is terrible!

    Please Polyphony i beg of you, please bring back the Seattle Circuit?

    On the one hand it seems cool they are still supporting the PS3. On the other hand, it seems f'ing crazy not to make this a release window game for the PS4. It's their biggest franchise!

      I suspect it's partly because they've already got the engine here to build on - starting from scratch on PS4 will take a lot longer. Wouldn't surprise me if they're already working on that.

      Plus they've got DriveClub aiming for PS4 launch or close to it, which apparently is going for more the simulation end of the market compared to Evolution's earlier games. So maybe they didn't want 2 similar games competing with each other.

      They've confirmed it is for PS3 and PS4

        They've confirmed that they have designed the game to transition to PS4, at a (probably much) later date. Regardless, it seems crazy not to use this as a means to push people to PS4.

          I think it's only being released for the PS3 (initially at least) because they've always said that the PS3 would have a 10 year lifespan, and let's face it not everyone will be buying a PS4 at launch. So they're releasing a new entry in their biggest franchise to keep the PS3 going. It'll probably shift quite a few consoles too.

            I get that. But this is a game that could sell 5 million PS4's by itself. It just seems like a missed opportunity.

            I agree with what you say about using it to extend the PS3's life span, but I'm not sure about selling consoles. If somebody was willing to buy a PS3 for GT6 then they probably already bought one for GT5, wouldn't they?

            Either way, with AAA stuff like The Last Of Us, Beyond: Two Souls and GT6 going all the way up to the PS4 launch, it's good to see Sony hitting the finish line for the PS3 at a flat out sprint rather than just collapsing over the line.

    What I'd like to see:

    1) 1200 cars means 1200 premium cars, not 400 premium and 800 PS2 leftovers.
    2) Decent engine sounds.
    3) Decent damage modelling - GT5's long-awaited introduction of car damage was... disappointing.
    4) Better user interface for faster and easier navigation through menus etc.

    It’s GT5 still being supported? Did they ever finish upgrading all the cars to “premium”? Seven new tracks out of 33!?!
    Seriously interested in finding out what this game will bring to the table that couldn’t have been patched into 5 given that they ultimately decided to release that game unfinished and then complete it using DLC.

    This game is coming it PS3 because a change to PS4 probably adds 8 years of development time for these guys, I’m sure the original intention was to release GT 5 about 2 years earlier than they did and then GT6 at least a year before the PS4 came out.

    Turn 10 decided not to make another (proper) Forza game two years ago because they decided they had done what they could with the generation as far as significant leaps (remember they wanted night driving and rain at 60fps) and that DLC was the way to go until the next Xbox comes out. Playstation owners are getting screwed badly being asked to pay for a full GT game on a soon to be redundant console just because they’ve completely botched their development cycle.

    And can somebody at Kotaku please tell me why my comments are still randomly being made "awaiting moderation".

    It happens to about half of my comments and I can’t work out the reasoning behind it.

    'Holidays' - Referes to Christmas time or what?

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