Korean Movie Trailer Accused Of Copying Battlefield 3

In South Korea, the trailer for suspense flick The Terror Live is being called a Battlefield 3 rip off. According to Korean site ThisIsGame, the trailer's music style and build up are said to be too close to the Battlefield 3 ambient score featured in the game's trailer.

Compare for yourself.

What's more, The Terror Live's title credits are said to be reminiscent of Battlefield 3's. Once again, compare for yourself.

The movie's distributor, Lotte Entertainment, told ThisIsGame, "The Terror Live has elements in which a terrorist act is being covered live, and this could be similar to video games. Thus, since the movie tried to convey same feeling you get from video games through sound, it may have ended up evoking a similar sensation."

There are certainly elements that seem similar — elements that are more than just sound.

Battlefield 3's Korean distributor GamePia told ThisIsGame said it hadn't yet full assessed the situation.

Kotaku is following up with EA and will update this article should the company comment.

배틀필드3 판박이? 국산영화 예고편 ‘논란’ [ThisIsGame — Thanks Sang!]


    Watched them side by side. THey're not that similar at all. Aside from some music which isn't the worst thing to rip off, the cuts were different as was everything else.

    Disagree, the similarities are too high between the two, music / sound effects and the logo are virtually the same just with different contents.

    Everything is a remix

    Confirming that EA has a patent on flickering and static.

    Copying? no way! Koreans never copy anything, just look at their cars, phones, women with plastic surgery...etc

    yet when saints row 3 did it, EA/Dice didnt give a shit.
    besides that korean version sounds better, no fucking speaker popping like bf3

    I smell nationalism

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