Man Of Steel Is Not A Bad Game. Just A Bad Superman Game.

If Phosphor Games Man of Steel featured some generic superhero character — if I weren't meant to be stepping into the red boots of a comic book icon with three-quarters of a century of history — I would probably love it.

I don't hate it. In fact, I quite like the fighting engine, a riff on Infinity Blade-style encounter fighting. It's a lot like the Avengers Initiative game with a little added flair, like a flying sequence/mini-game where you drag your enemy along the ground to cause damage. It doesn't quite make it feel like Superman, but at least Phopshor tried.

It's E3 week (you may have noticed), and time is at a premium, so instead of typing out a couple more paragraphs I decided to record, process and upload a video about the game, because somehow that made sense to me.

Man of Steel

  • Genre: Brawler
  • Developer: Phosphor Games Studio
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Price: $2.99 / $5.49 for iPad HD version

Get Man of Steel on the iTunes App Store.


    Hmm that all looks very unfun

    Actually, given the franchise's past history in video games, I'd say it looks decent for a superman game

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