New Xbox Live Reputation System May Reduce ‘Troublemakers’ And ‘Cheaters’

New Xbox Live Reputation System May Reduce ‘Troublemakers’ And ‘Cheaters’

With today’s confirmation of a new reputation system coming to Xbox Live, Microsoft is tacitly acknowledging how miserable it can be to play games against strangers on Xbox Live. It sounds like you’ll be subject to how others rate you.

Details are scarce, but we get this much from a letter to Xbox Live gamers by Microsoft’s Marc Whitten:

Reputation: Your new Xbox Live Reputation plays a prominent and valuable role rewarding healthy participation while reducing troublemakers and cheaters. A unified system across Xbox Live and all of your games allows for you to have much more control over who you play with while giving you new and exciting ways to get even move involved in your community.

Hopefully that system can’t be abused and that well-meaning gamers can be match-made with each other, and jerks with jerks. Cross fingers.

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    • Yup – I’ve got 5 star yet somehow about 13% of players I’ve ever played with have avoided me. How is that even possible.

      • I think that’s got more to do with people who avoided you because of your skill level in, for example, Halo… if you were too high or too low or if you disconnected early from games (unavoidable sometimes) etc. It has nothing to do with you personally, so don’t worry. I’ve got a similar % of people who avoided me and I’m a downright nice guy who loves his nan. I believe the %’s are overall feedback and the star rating is your change over the last X amount of days. But yes, the whole star rating/feedback system on Xbox Live at the moment is a complete mess.

        This new rating system would HAVE to be community moderated or it would easily be abused. A bit like the moderated rating systems on stackoverflow etc.

        • Yeah I think most of mine are likely from BF3. We have a casual clan of only 4 players. We play enough together that we’ve gotten pretty good.

  • I’ll wait for a full detail, but so far LoL and Dota have been using the report system and it seems to work fairly OK. Any system is open for abuse though so they just need to make sure it also has a review mechanic in place.

    • Yeah but people actually interact with others outside their friends list in those games. XBOX Live can be social, but by default it’s just you, the people on your list that you know and randoms you don’t care at all about. I can’t really see where having a bad reputation would hurt you, and I know from experience that there’s a ton of people on XBOX Live who’ll report you for everything they can just for beating them.

    • LoL and DOTA are great examples of rep systems that make me excited. The current rep system on XBOX is pretty useless so hopefully MS can put their money where their mouth is and come up with something equally exciting.

  • I prefer playing with strangers. I dont play on 360 with anyone i’d consider a friend so all this social crap does nothing for me.

    • I’m the opposite. I hardly ever play the multiplayer part of a game, the only time I do is to boost for achievements. I hate playing with people I don’t know in real life.

      • I’m the same, I’ll only ever play co-op with friends I actually know. I think I have about 1 person in my friends list who I have no idea who they are IRL, or how they even got into my list in the first place.

        But you if you ever leave me QuackerPecker74 you will leave a hole in my friends-list heart that could never be filled.

  • If it’s anything like COD’s reporting system it will be soo bad: “This guys beating me there for he’s hacking or cheating, I’m going to report you!!” Cries the 13 year old boy who’s voice is still higher then a girls…

  • I still think the best way do deal with hackers and cheaters is to put them into a cheating only lobby. If everyone has god mode enabled the scores would be 0 for everybody. Then they can actually see how boring cheating really is

  • I think it would be better if they just do their job properly and let people know about the status of a report. Something along the lines of, “Thank you for your report/feedback MS/Sony take matters seriously and in the case that has been reported we find that… *results* Thanks for your concern” At lease I know someone took the time to see the issue rather then it getting lost in a sea of reports that probably get deleted. The other solution I think that would work best of all is have dedicated servers or servers where I can take the time to find players with like minded ideals as myself to how a particular game should be played, and not this random match-up (p2p) BS with players I have no faith in to play the game properly. Might be a little hard to do with the EA sports library but I’d like some reassurance that the person I’m participating against/with aren’t using lag switches/exploits, or straight out hacks and I should be able to find that out before I play with them and not join their game or backout without being penalized out of XP or whatever currency certain games have for leaving (such as EA lobbies penalizing me for joining a game and the other player is AFK and I lose my status for not wanting to wait 2hrs for buddy to hit ready.

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