That's One Hell Of A Persona Statue

This Persona figure, by Vertex, will probably cost you $US120-$US130, which is a lot for something that's only 1/7 scale (not much bigger than your standard action figure). Then again, your standard figure isn't of Persona 3's Mitsuru Kirijo.

Depicted here in her combat gear from fighting game Persona 4: Arena, she comes with a removable jacket and plastic... eye... thing.

She should be out later this year. Hit up your favourite import site to see if it will stock it.

14日より案内開始!P4U「桐条美鶴」かんたんレビュー![Vertex, via Plastikitty]


    Gotta add more Persona figures to my collection, I shall be preordering her soon :)

      $130 well spent

        You bought it? WOH!

          no, but if someone did...

          I'll wait and see how our relationship in P3P turns out before I make that kind of commitment.

    $130 isn't a lot of money to drop on something of this quality.
    I recently purchased a Thanatos model for about $170 (which was cheaper than the average)

    I already have the Mitsuru figure based on the original game so I'll pass on this. Very nice figure though ;)

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