The 3DS Is Getting A New Persona Game. It Looks Different.

The 3DS Is Getting A New Persona Game. It Looks Different.

Tonight in Japan, Atlus just announced a new Persona game. It’s called Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, it’s slated for the 3DS, and it’s probably not what you are expecting.

The RPG features characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4, which is cool. But they characters are cuted up “chibi” (“little” in Japanese) versions of themselves.

Persona Q will be released June 5, 2014 in Japan. No word on a Western release.

Persona Channel [Official Site]

ペルソナ最新作、3DS『ペルソナQ』2014年6月発売決定!!! [はちま起稿]


  • gah just awful… Sega has to come in and ruin everything, how about just release a next Persona Sequel…
    Sega kicked in… awww We <3 Nintendo, lets take this good franchise and ruin it with pixaleted low powered pokemon box…

    • ….But they did announce Persona 5 this is just a fun little spin off and it is directed by the person behind Etrian Odyssey series.

    • You sound really upset ? Personally I’m excited for Persona 5 and this which is going to be made by a talented team.

    • They’ve announced that there was going to be a 3DS Persona when the 3DS launched, so it’s was being developed way before Sega took over.

      Atlus has done the right thing and announced everything from spinoffs to Persona 5 to keep everyone happy.

    • if that’s the case, how do you explain Devil survivor and the various other shin megami games on the 3/DS

  • I have no problem with this at all as long as they localise it within ~2months of the US release otherwise i’d flip my shit.

    Still waiting on SMT4 and for Nintendo to remove that region lock.

  • 3DS already have the best version of Shin Megami Tensei… the real, non-spinoff non-kiddy one. It’s just not in Australia yet for some reason.

  • It’s different, but I love it! This looks like it’ll be a fun game to play while we wait for Persona 5.

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