Xbox One Is $499 In The US

Microsoft just announced the news: Four hundred 90 nine US dollars.


    so $700 dollars for us right?

      Judging by the quick currency conversion I just did, sounds about right.

        Looks like you didnt do a conversion. See below at Ausdan Comment.

          I think my app failed to update properly for the current rate. Sue me it's after 4am. :D

    If we're lucky. Id put my money on $799. Either way you can bet we will get shafted which is enough to annoy me even though I wont even be buying one

    $499 USD = $527 AUD
    $499 EUR = $699 AUD
    $429 GBP = $706 AUD

    Surprised they didn't mention Australia?? My money is on the British pound price. Sucks balls we get screwed like this especially when our Aussie dollar is on par with USD or better than USD.

    Last edited 11/06/13 4:27 am

    No! Check the rate first - Its $528AU from US Dollar.

    Last edited 11/06/13 4:28 am

    only 4 good games and 2 of them are gonna be on the PS4, guess whos taking my money?

    lol @ everyone getting worked up over nothing before the price was announced. Pretty good price for us Aussies!

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