A Dark, Next-Gen Mario Could Look Like This

Created by the people at creative agency 8-Bit Gogo, this is what they call a "next-gen" take on Super Mario. In other words, it's a darker, grittier version of the plumber's surreal world. The video is fun to watch, and this is an interesting look at something that Nintendo will never, ever make.

(For the best results, skip to the end and look at the final product, then back up and watch the designers do their thing.)


    Ehh, was interested to see the full process but then he's like one two miss a few 99 100! Couple of lines, bit of shading BOOM FULL DETAILED MUSHROOM


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    "A Dark, Next-Gen Mario Could Look Like This"

    This is in no way "next gen" and totally nothing that resembles anything that Nintendo would ever do.... the headline is so far off the mark it's almost insulting.

    Cool drawing, but it's closer to something like Braid.

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