A Game As Old As Your First Digital Watch

If you owned a digital watch when you were a kid, you probably played "The Digital Watch Game". Of course, you probably didn't call it that. You probably called it "screwing around with my rad digital watch." But it was a game all the same.

The goal? To start and stop the stopwatch as quickly as possible. Only a TRUE MASTER could stop at 00:00:01?.

It was not an easy game.

You've probably moved on to nicer watches (and more complicated games) by now, but the small thrill of The Digital Watch Game remains. And now, it's ben immortalised at UsVsThem in interactive, browser-based form.

What's your best time? I got 00:00:07 after going from my USB mouse to my trackpad. But I bet those with superfast gaming mice could do better.

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    Using this very watch I could get 0.06 seconds, but that was after a lot of practise. Good memories!

    Don't think I've ever done it. Trying it now, I can't seem to do any better than 0.22 (which I can do pretty consistently). It seems to have pretty awful buttons for repeated pressing.

    The cheats way was to use the split time, being one button to start and a different button to stop the split time.

    With my watch as a kid, I could get it down to around 10 fairly consistently, although I could get it lower if my finger twitched from some reason and I double pressed faster than any human reaction times.

    haha, I definitely played that game as a kid.

    best game when i was kid. played the website version with mouse and space bar. got 0.01s and sometimes 0.00? o.O

    That exact watch is in my pocket right now... weird
    OT just tried and got 0.03
    Now i'll be up all night trying to get 0.01 thanks...

    Huh, that... was actually really easy :|

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    Boom! second try.
    Even have photo evidence 00:00.1

    Anyone remember this game in Majora's Mask? I think it was in the post office, you had to press a button after 10 seconds exactly except they didn't show the time.

    i would get 0.01 by slamming the button on a table real fast. the other games we played were to get it exactly on 1.00 and closing our eyes and nail it on a pre determined time.

    I had this watch :D

    Gream watch, only reason I stopped using it was the strap broke and now I use my phone for time keeping

    what is material of the watch strap? It looks like the silicone watch...With my watch as a kid, I could get it down to around 10 fairly consistently

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