A Video Game Designed For Drunk People

I love it when bars and restaurants have video games. Whether it’s a wall-to-wall gaming experience like Barcade or a random burger joint in Berlin, it’s always a good thing. That's why I’m fascinated by the Grasshopper Round Table, and the game Don’t F**k Up.

The Grasshopper Round Table is an interactive surface being designed specifically by Grasshopper NYC for their upcoming gaming bar. In the video above, shot at this year's Come Out and Play Festival, game designer Josh Raab explains his game Don’t F**k Up, and their future plans for both the surface and the bar.

Pictures: Come Out & Play


    I genuinely approve of this idea, however, methinks that the camera man was part of the target audience when this game came to concept. I get artistic camera sway and all but by golly watching that was like sailing on rough seas...in a tiny bowl with a ship captain prone to exaggeration.

    Steveo approves.

    I'm sorry, but these are drunk people we're talking about here, where exactly do your drinks go if you're playing on the table?

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