Aaahhh, Don’t Do That To A Vita Screen!

I don’t care if this is the Japanese PlayStation equivalent of a ShamWow commercial, it’s still captivating/horrifying to watch.

Peripheral and accessory company Hori have a new line of Vita screen protectors, and to demonstrate their toughness, they did the only thing a product like this asks for: they tried to scratch the shit out of the handheld’s glorious screen.

They fail, of course, but it’s still nail-biting stuff, especially if you’re a hardware OCD maniac like myself.


  • As a Vita owner, I flinched watching this. This is a great reminder to not keep my portable gaming devices in the same drawer as my wire brushes and coins.

  • I put my vita in my girlfriend’s purse once, without realizing there was a nail file in there.
    As expected the screen sustained a scratch or two, and I hate scratches so much I traded it in towards a new one and shelled out the extra 100 as well. Got a screen protector this time.

  • Glad I got a screen protector and a rigid case to put my Vita in (and the rigid case goes inside a soft padded carry bag along with a game card holder). I’ve had zero problems so far. I have however been worried about wrecking my face buttons due to insane sessions of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f on EXTREME setting… 🙁

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