If The Last Of Us Was A Live-Action Movie, This Would Be Its Trailer

We've all played with the idea of imagining Naughty Dog's terrific The Last of Us as a feature film. YouTuber bloodrunsclear ran with the idea and edited scenes from dozens of movies together into a very emotional trailer. The result is actually really close to the real The Last of Us experience.

Watch carefully, because this might be the closest we're getting to a movie version, apart from that monster six-hour long cutscene-fest.

(Fake) The Last of Us movie trailer [YouTube]


    Wow, this really does capture the essence of the last of us amazingly well. That guy has some serious editing skills.

    not bad. needs more fungusheads

    I hate zombie movies and games but I would totally watch that movie.

    Not really the thing that would make me go & see it, it kind of looks like a generic action blockbuster zombie movie.

    What would be better is joel & ellie sneaking around in the dark, the only noise other than their breathing being the sound of a clicker getting closer and closer

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