Japan Gets Sweet Pokémon X & Y 3DS Handheld

On October 12, Japan will be getting this very sharp custom Pokémon 3DS XL, bearing illustrations of the two new legendary creatures - Xerneas and Yveltal - making their debut in Pokémon X & Y.


    Man this is sweet! I don't normally care for special edition consoles but I'd like to get one of these. Any word on an Australian release?

    I like that it is understated but still striking.

    There's actually two limited edition models. And the other one that you didn't report on will only be sold at Japanese pokemon centres. A picture and 1 sentence with no source link. Top notch journalism once again, Plunkett.

    It'd be fucking sweet if it was an iridescent paint or something so that it switches between red and blue in different lights.

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