Jeopardy Contestants Answer 'Zelda', Get Robbed

Come on, Trebek. I mean, I know the specific technical details of Jeopardy answers is important and all, but really? REALLY? Zelda is perfectly fine. Nobody actually calls the game The Legend of Zelda. As Stephen Totilo just said out loud in the office, "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!"

Thanks Alfred!


    That's complete bullshit. They only asked for the name of the princess. If I was on that show I would've objected to the question for sure.

    Don't say I would've have either, I did when I was on NOW YOU SEE IT as a ten year old and forced a re-recording :P lol

      "The title princess of THIS GAME"

      They asked for the game name, not the princesses name, the confusion is that they are almost the same. Jeopardy is right, they should have phrased it better, but it's the final question, and half the time it's written in a way to confuse people.

        The problem there is that can then be taken two ways:

        "The title princess of THIS GAME"

        "THE TITLE PRINCESS of this game"

        Agreed, very poorly worded.

        But when they say the title princess, as in the person of the game, the actual title princess... it seems to be Zelda? Granted as the final question it is, but I still say they all got it right.

          That's the format of Jeopardy 'answers' though, the clue clearly points towards naming the game, 'this game' proving that. But it's not the interpretation of the clue that made it 'incorrect', both of the guys who wrote down Zelda phrased their response as 'What is...' not 'Who is...', so they had understood the question but responded with a common usage abbreviated variation, it a common BS call in Jeopardy, considering when naming a real world person usually just the surname is required. The bigger question is what would have happened if someone wrote 'What is The Hyrule Fantasy: Zeruda no Densetsu?' as their response.

        Pretty much w/ weresmurf here...

        The wording means it can be taken that your asking about the princess OR the game.

      What happened on NOW YOU SEE IT? Did Melvin rip you off? Please do tell...

        Hahahahah no it was really pissy, I think from memory it was just the spelling of the word Colour, they used the american spelling by accident 'color' and I corrected them when the other girl got the question and answered it as it was spelt on screen. Wasn't really a big issue. They just reshot it, rearranged the spelling and gave me the point. Took all of ten minutes to fix lol.

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      Well one contestant did actually get it right. It may have been poorly worded but they did get the correct answer out of someone. If they'd ALL got it wrong then they might have had cause for concern.

    To be fair here, if you listen to the audio " This Game" is emphasised

    In my opinion, the shows ruling is fair

      What is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?

      Ohh I'm sorry. It was Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

        It does say, "which launched a best selling franchise," so it would be the first game in the series.. there's no ambiguity in that regard.

        I think the other two contestants should've been more careful especially if it was the final question. If they allowed for abbreviations etc they'd have to allow people answering questions with stuff like "What is CoD?"

          CoD (also known as Children of Doom) is the sixth studio album by Saint Vitus...

        Do they mean the first chronological game in the real world (i.e. The Legend of Zelda) or the first game in the chronological history of the game (i.e. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword)

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