Level One Bidoof Defeats A Pokemon Champion In A Most Humiliating Way

Did you think defeating the Elite Four with a Magikarp was impressive? That Magikarp was level 100. At that level, you can tank through most things. This Bidoof owned by ImEpicToast is level one, and yet it manages to defeat one of Pokemon's fiercest foes, Cynthia — who is the champion of the Elite Four in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

(Although this seems to be Pokemon Black's and White's Cynthia, not that that makes this any less impressive: it's level 75 Pokemon versus level one Pokemon!)

To be clear: there is cheating involved here, but it's only something that prevents the player from levelling up according to the player. Otherwise, you can see the Bidoof's stats at the end; they look legit. So how is this possible? The feat is accomplished by smart usage of the of the item leftovers along with the moves toxic, swagger, substitute, thunder wave — all of which Bidoof can learn via TM. Bidoof doesn't even need to attack the other Pokemon directly, it can just give them status ailments and let the Pokemon hit themselves. It's an effective tactic, if not humiliating and enraging.

Level 1 Bidoof Destroys Cynthia [ImEpicToast]


    Wish the guy wasn't skipping so fast through the text so I could make out what he was doing.

      In a nutshell (a very large descriptive nutshell), if they are vulnerable to poison, he uses toxic, if they are immune, he uses thunder wave, he then substitutes to absorb a hit and uses swagger to confuse the enemy and then through a mix of poison damage and confuse backfires or paralyzes and confuse backfires, they kill themselves. The moody evasion procs give him limited defense on the off chance an enemy gets to use an attack while substitute is down (though this rarely happens) and while all of the above conditions are satisfied, he spams swagger to both use pp and to guarantee that confusion is reapplied when it wears off and recasts substitute when it gets destroyed gaining the spent health back with leftovers.

        why are you hitting yourself, Cynthia? Stop hitting yourself

    Where do you even get a lvl 1? As I remember lowest in the wild is lvl2 and they hatch at lvl 5

      They hatch at level 1

        What... has it always been that way? I havn't really bothered with breeding since Gen 2

          in gen 2 they would hatch at level 5, but they changed it in gen 3 (or crystal, can't remember exactly) to hatch at level 1

          I dunno, I bred my Pearl team in HeartGold and they all hatched level 1.

          I think they used to hatch at level 5 in Gen 2 and maybe even Gen 3. At least from Diamond/Pearl (when I started playing again), they were hatching at level 1.

    What about:
    Item: Quick Claw
    Move: Any 1 hit ko move

    I'm sure you could get that onto a level 1 pokemon via careful breeding.

      One hit KOs don't work (0% accuracy) if your Pokemon's level is lower than the opponent's.

    I'm curious as to why it didn't gain any experience... after that kind of battle, that Bidoof should be level 20 at least.

      He used a cheat to prevent Bidoof from leveling up.

      cheats were used to prevent exp gain (as per the youtube information section on the video)

        Ah thanks, should have gone to source.

          upon reading my comment again, I realise that I come across as a bit of a dick playing the "read the effin manual" card. apologies, tis late of the hour and twas not my intention.

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