Some Lucky Humans Got To Sit In A Macross Cockpit

The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum - located in Takarazuka, home to this goodness - has been running an exhibit lately that would have made my inner seven year-old's brain explode.

As part of its Macross: The Museum exhibit, there to celebrate the series' 30th anniversary, there's an amazing recreation of a VF-1 cockpit from the original Macross Saga.

Which you could sit in. Like Japanese game industry guy Gwyn here was lucky enough to be able to do. And just...imagine the sky behind you was FULL OF MISSILES.



    Ermahgerd!! Would SO feel like Roy Focker sitting there...

    ive had the pleasure of sitting a aussie fighter jet and pressing all the buttons, pew pew pew,
    its pretty cool to flip the guards on the missile launch buttons and press them even though i was just sitting in the hanger lol.

    My jealousy levels are through the roof. so much nostalgia.

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