The Next Phoenix Wright Is Rated M (For Murder?)

Is Phoenix Wright going all Law & Order on us? Capcom's next lawyer game will be rated M — presumably not for Maya Fey — and people are totally freaking out about it.

Phoenix Wright games are always about bloody murder, and you always investigate crime scenes full of grisly-albeit-cartoonish evidence, but until now, every game in the series has been rated T for Teen. This next one, Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, is M for Mature, maybe because it's in 3D? Or is the series taking a turn for the morbid?

Well, probably not. These two new gameplay trailers (above and below) show a Phoenix Wright that's just as goofy and charming as its predecessors.

Dual Destinies is out on 3DS as a digital release.


    I'd say it is either because it has slipped under the radar up until now or it contains more mature theme, maybe this rating is effectively a preview to the story that the game follows rather than having one or two cases per game hinting at an M rating (last case in justice for all and the ema skye case in the DS release of the first game).

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