This Airport's Free Wi-Fi Will Only Cost Gamers Their Dignity

Some airports charge you for Internet. Some don't (Daytona Beach International Airport, you rule!). And then there's the rocking-chair-filled Charlotte airport, which makes discriminating gamers pay a heavy, heavy price. I tried to log onto Charlotte's free, magical wireless Internet this past Sunday, and I hit the obstacle you see screencapped above. I had to download a free game? To get online?

These games looked crappy. Or at least they seemed like they were not for me. Yes, one of them is the self-described "#1 Dragon breeding game!", but I do not care for such things.


Would you have gone for the non-game? The flirting app?

I downloaded the Marvel game, confirmed that I was online and then promptly deleted it from my iPad.

Since I sync my apps across my iPhone and iPad, I only realised this morning that the Marvel game was now on my phone. Spreading like a disease! But spreading no more. I just deleted it.

Well-played Charlotte airport. Better that than a Boingo hotspot. But, good lord, offer some better games next time.


    And that's relevant to us Aussies how?

      because video games

      It doesn't directly affect you so it can't possibly be interesting.

      Because you clicked on it. Also because anything rubbish that america has inevitably ends up here too.

    Hey if you have to just download an app (only to remove it later) in order to get free wireless...sounds like a good idea

      also says to launch the app to connect to wifi

        yeah that's not too much of a hassle, download app, open app, get access to free wi-fi, delete downloaded app...job done

    It's a scam anyways. Everyone knows that dragonvale is the #1 dragon breeding game :)

    Changi airport gives free, fast wifi. But if you are waiting for your device to charge, you can have a snooze in the free massage chairs,watch a movie in the free mini cinema, play online games on the free gaming desktops or free ps3s and 360s or just sit at the big koi pond and watch the fish.

      Changi is the best. I spent 5 hours in transit on the way to Tokyo, and I was glad that it had I spent it there. Plus the restaurants are really good.

      But if they aren't trying to snatch and grab every single last cent from anyone walking through, how on earth do they survive?

        Airports, like mining companies and music publishers, are slowly dying because They can't afford to feed their children.

    Better than Boingo Wireless. Where you have to sign up for a monthly membership just to use it and there's no way of deactivating your account bar calling up the American number (no matter what country you're in), and even then they just change your account type instead of deactivating it

    I've played Book of Heroes. Not a bad way to waste the tram ride to uni

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