This Teaser Goes From Beautiful To Terrifying In The Space Of Seconds

When they posted it, Random Seed, creators of upcoming Mars-based survival-exploration title Lacuna Passage, called this video a "soundtrack spotlight." And that's what it is: a demonstration of the game's somber and beautiful soundtrack — accompanied by a deeply unsettling sneak-peek at... something.


    If you have a phobia of rectangular prisms I can see how this would be terrifying

      Yeh. Probably would've had more impact if it hadn't been mentioned at all.

    Is the terrifying bit missing from this clip?

    Would be a perfect game for VR, if you ask me.

    More of this music, please

      Turns out that Clark Aboud, the composer of this music is a local.
      I'm slightly ashamed I haven't heard his music before, very Hans Zimmer-esque


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