This Week In The Business: ‘I'm Not Allowed To Say Bad Things.'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "I'm not allowed to say bad things." — Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami talking about his new game The Evil Within while avoiding saying what he thinks of the recent directions Capcom has taken with Resident Evil.

QUOTE | "I think this news will make some revisit and question the wisdom of the entire Xbox One strategy." — Industry analyst Lewis Ward, talking about Don Mattrick's departure from Microsoft to become CEO of Zynga.

QUOTE | "I see our approach on PS4 as really taking Sony Computer Entertainment back to our original roots." — Andrew House, president of SCEA, talking about how Sony is giving smaller developers a chance.

QUOTE | "Maybe the AAA of 60-hours with everything on a disc will kind of disappear." — Patrice Desilets, former creative director of Assassin's Creed, talking about how games will be created in smaller chunks.

QUOTE | "There's no way on God's green Earth that we would take on a venture like this on our own." — Matias Myllyrinne, CEO of Remedy Entertainment, talking about making Quantum Break, combining a game and a TV show.

QUOTE | "Atari has been really abused by a succession of shareholders who were just interested in the royalty streams." — Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, talking about how successive Atari owners didn't care about games.

QUOTE | "Eventually, you have to go free." — Michael Schade, CEO of developer Fishlabs, talking about how their AAA mobile game could have made seven figures a month if it was designed as F2P from the start.

QUOTE | "Now that Mr. Mattrick has taken the job at Zynga, EA is back to square one in its search." — Michael Pachter, talking about how Don Mattrick was the leading candidate for the job of CEO at Electronic Arts.

QUOTE | "Full market transparency, including digital, is incredibly important to the health of the industry." — David McQuillan, president of the Games group at NPD, talking about why they will start reporting digital sales numbers monthly this year.

QUOTE | "For us it's a great feature, it's a must-have for the new generation of consoles." — Ubisoft managing director Nicolas Rioux, talking about the studio's new drive for second-screen companion apps to console games.

STAT | 25 — Number of studios working on AAA console games worldwide, according to EA's chief creative officer Rich Hilleman; seven or eight years ago that number was 125, but the total number of people is about the same.

QUOTE | "It certainly seems like Sony are embracing indie developers and self-publishing models." — Jackbox Games GM Mike Bilder, talking about how the company is only interested in self-publishing on consoles.

STAT | 17 million — Number of downloads of the Xbox SmartGlass companion app, according to Microsoft; users are spending 16 minutes on average with SmartGlass per application.

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    I spent about 2 minutes with SmartGlass on Forza Horizon before I gave up. The in-game map was more useful.

    SmartGlass is a great concept, but we need more games that utilize it a bit better.

    Oh, they're finally reporting digital sales?

    But how will publishers bitch about PC gaming being dead?

      Very simple: they'll keep exaggerating the problems with piracy.

        Of course! Since there are no ways of accurately tracking piracy, you can make up anything you want!

        Things I'd like to see: console piracy (yes, it happens, deal with it) given as much attention as PC piracy, and digital sales (ie, how most PC gamers buy their games, I'll bet) given as much attention as physical sales.

        Seriously, Steam's been out for, what, nearly a decade, and they're *only* just starting to say "Oh, huh, you can buy games from the internet, fancy that"?

          It's funny how they don't talk about digital sales, but they've got no problem putting out as much DLC as possible.
          They've been aware of digital sales for some time now, for some reason they just look for excuses to complain. I'd call it human nature but, you know, these are businessmen and women we're talking about.

          Last edited 07/07/13 9:53 pm

            I'd say it's from have shady contracts with the retailers. You can bet you're bottom dollar there's clauses in those contracts saying that the publishers are not allowed to pursue alternate distributions schemes.

            Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if that's the reason there's so much's a loophole in their contract with the retailers to get around the retailers: "No, we don't have to give you priority, see, 'cause it's not a *full* game, it's just DLC."

            Matt Ployhar has been arguing this for years, that DD is alive and kicking (and has surpassed retail) for PC one listened. Steam constantly collects solid data.

            Just idiots in suits failing to keep up with the pace of tech.

    Headline for article made me think:

    "QUOTE | “Maybe the AAA of 60-hours with everything on a disc will kind of disappear.” — Patrice Desilets, former creative director of Assassin’s Creed, talking about how games will be created in smaller chunks."

    I think theres and extra 0 in that 60-hours, since it is quite rare for a AAA game to last more then 10 hours

    How are they going to accurately report digital sales when Steam don't release that information?
    Are they going to call each publisher and individually ask for digital sales stats? What if they are big meany faces and don't tell them?

      The big, publicly-traded companies might, but yeah, good luck with anything else...

      I guess they're tired of getting laughed at by everyone who used to buy their data, or who heard them crying out that the industry is dying, when the opposite is more likely.

      I predict failure in their quest for relevance, but it's good to see them try.

        I honestly think they are a positive force in the industry. When something like Tomb Raider sells as well as it did and the publisher cries poor, someone can call them on their bullshit business practices. I wish Valve weren't so coy about sales.

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